Patton fans tend to have a more heavy duty appearance to them. They look to be stronger made than the Honeywell fans do. Patton floor fans are for normally bigger rooms and for more people than the smaller oscillating fans are for. Patton high velocity fans cool off more than do other fans as these are industrial strength fans. Honeywell fans may cool off a room some, but not as good as a big Patton floor fan

high velocity fatton fans

Patton floor fans need good maintenance so they won’t become dusty making it harder for the fan to turn. The fan needs to be oiled so the blades can turn and cool off a room much better. A clean fan also won’t blow dust everywhere like a dusty fan might.
Most Patton fans have their grilles tightly set close to each other so little children cannot lose their fingers from spinning blades nowadays. I think I read that this was a new federal safety law in effect for the last little while. You will find that most fans have the grille wires close to each other for this reason.

The best quality fans use metal flywheels or a stack motor for their operation. This is better than the older models which used traditional ball bearings that needed to be replaced once in six months. The older ones need to be oiled to have their ball bearings last longer.

If you get a very large Patton fan, it WILL make its presence known. They make quite a bit of noise and the bigger they are the louder usually they will be. This is the only drawback to Patton fans. Thing is, these are the high velocity fans, so you will know that they are there.

patton 20-inch CVT performance air circulator

You will save on money that is normally used on heating or air conditioning with these fans. For winter when heating is needed, a fan can be paced near a heat source and the fan can blow the heat your way. If in summer, you can have open doors or open windows and have a fan blowing the outside breeze in to cool off the room you need cooled.

Honeywell fans are not as good as Patton fans as most of them are not made as industrial strength as Patton fans are. You would use a Honeywell fan in smaller rooms, or small rooms in your house. Honeywell vs. Patton for workplaces, go for the Patton.