Hoshizaki is a Japanese company known for their good quality kitchen equipment. This company has spread all around the world offering the best ice machines and refrigeration equipment for commercial use.

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One of its products is the Hoshizaki ice machines. This equipment is made from stainless steel and is available in different designs and sizes. Hoshizaki ice machines are best known for maximizing the ice production which makes it an excellent choice for household and catering used. There are three different types of ice machines manufactured by Hoshizaki. These are the portable ice maker, under counter ice maker and crushed ice maker.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines

1. Portable Ice Maker
Location of each catering service and even family gatherings may vary. This means that you need an ice machine that you can carry anywhere. One of Hoshizaki ice machines is the portable ice maker. This ice machine offers convenience for its users. With its small size, you can carry it anywhere. The body of this machine is made from stainless steel which prevents it from rust. It has LED lights to identify the controls of the machine and it has a wide ice storage and transparent cover to let you see the produced ice.

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When using a portable ice maker, be sure to place it on an elevated area. Keep it off the ground to prevent dirt from getting into the ice maker. This ice maker has its own water storage that you need to fill up before attaching it to the power supply. You can then select the size of ice cubes you wanted. Just refill the water storage from time to time until you have enough ice to use. After using your ice machine, drain the remaining water and clean the machine. Read the ice machine manual for the proper way to clean your ice maker to keep its good condition.

2. Under Counter Ice Maker
There are also Hoshizaki ice machines that you can use inside your houses or for restaurants. These models are known as the under counter ice maker. This ice maker can easily be placed in corners of your kitchen and restaurants without consuming a lot of space. The same as other Hoshizaki ice machines, this under counter ice maker is made from stainless, durable steel with LED lights for controls and you can choose from different overlay designs that will match your kitchen and restaurant designs.
Under counter ice maker has built-in ice storage and should be attached to a water source to continuously product ice.

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It can produce from 22 pounds to 65 pounds of ice cubes per day which make it a good equipment to have around your house and restaurants.

3. Crushed Ice maker
There are times that you will need crushed ice instead of ice cubes especially if you are making fruit or chocolate smoothies  or using it for your other frozen foods. For this reason, Hoshizaki ice machines offer you the convenience of having this type of ice with the use of the crushed ice maker.

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Crushed ice maker can be used both in households and commercial establishments. Just like any other Hoshizaki ice machines, it is made from durable, stainless steel. It can crush ice up to 30 pounds per hour. The ice is finely chopped that makes it the best choice for your shakes.
If you want to have these equipment around your house or in your establishments, you can visit the nearest stores near you or you can browse and order it online. With Hoshizaki ice machines, ice making is easy and more convenient.