No matter where you go, women will always need to carry a bag or a purse and crocheted purses are sure ways to stand out from the rest. Women need to carry lipstick, powder, their sanitary napkin, handkerchief, and other female necessities and even a small clutch handbag is sure to do more than what is needed. It is pretty amazing how much stuff women can put into one bag. In fact, over the years, there has been a strong push to gear away from authentic designer bags made by known manufacturers. The trend now is to go for DIY bags like crocheted purses with artistic designs. The owl purse is one of the more famous choices.

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Advantages of These Purses

Crocheted purses can be very simplistic in design, but very elegant and beautiful as well. If you take a few minutes to browse through the web, you’ll be able to find hundreds of videos and articles guiding you how to make your own crocheted purses. Cute handbags used to be popular for the younger crowd before but these days, everyone wants to be an artist and this is one good way to start. Get a regular bag such as satchel handbags or clutch handbags and then add materials or doing a crochet pattern on top of the bag is a very simple process. It is quick and easy to do but it does get the job done. With crocheted purses, you can easily embed the image of an owl or any other cute design that you desire.

Crocheted Owl Purses

The beauty of an owl bag is that owls are a very symbolic creature in many folklore stories and in fiction. Fans of the Harry Potter series would immediately remember that the main character had a pet owl to deliver his mail. Other folklores and other fantasy stories had owls that would be the central character of wisdom and mystery.

On a designer point of view, owls are very easy to embed on a bag. They have large heads with large eyes and there is no real need to emphasize on feathers and other difficult details. They are amazingly cute and it does not take long to master their shape and design. This all makes owls a very amiable choice for the beginning artist and for one who wants to create an authentic artistic bag with DIY techniques.

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Getting a Crocheted Purse Today

If you want to be artistic, if you want to stand out from the crowd, or if you just want to carry around cute handbags with you instead of the traditional Bohemian or leather bag then crocheted purses are a very good choice. They are easy to make and there are hundreds of readymade bags available on the web. You can find DIY guides to make your own or you can make it a project and a viable business in your area. If you want to find a good selection of such bags then you can just log onto the net to find a wealthy selection of cute crocheted purses to suit your liking and needs.