Juice is an integral part of any meal or a diet plan. Full of natural goodness and delectable taste, freshly-squeezed juices replenishes our body with the various vital nutrients that sometimes get skipped over in our daily meals. Besides normal drinking, one can also use them for a number of other purposes such as preparing exotic dishes, including as part of an energy or cocktail drink or even for mixing with different organic skin treatment lotions. With the Oscar juicer range, one can easily extract fresh and healthy juice out of a number of fruits and vegetables without a single sweat.

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This revolutionary range of juicers made by Oscar is most favorable for producing superior quality highly nutritious juices that are not only healthy but also impeccably mouth-watering. Due to its unique juice extracting technology called the cold press juicing, an Oscar juicer preserves the vital nutrients and living enzymes in the juice along with various key elements derived from the fiber of the fruits and vegetables. This increases the vitality of the squeezed juice thereby rendering it healthier than other conventional juice extraction methods. A healthy and nutritious glass of fresh-squeezed juice is a good source of vitamin and minerals required by our body for all its repairing and renewing needs.

Among its heavy duty range of commercial juicers for restaurants or juice bars, Oscar juicer range offers a variety of state of the art machines that are innovatively designed and pristine engineered. Manufactured with utmost care and the finest durable materials, these juicing marvels come with an unmatched twenty-year warranty on the motor along with a five year one on the juicing head. The Oscar juicers are designed in a sleek fashion portraying an elegant style statement allowing them to adjust magnificently with any interiors. Moreover, being lightweight, they are quite easy to carry along.

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Rendered as one of the best juice machines on the planet, Oscar juicers come with hard wearing parts along with an energy efficient motor for a long lasting juicing experience. They are easy to assemble and disassemble; making them convenient for a person to clean them effortlessly every time he is done extracting.

Oscar juicers are economically priced. They come with the entire accessory package for a complete juicing experience. Induced with high functionality and superior features, the Oscar juicer range is a must have for every household for a hassle free juice extraction.