For nail care products, Orly Nail Polish is the name that can be trusted. Founded by Jeff Pink in 1975, Orly nail polish has become a leader in the industry, creating and innovating nail polishes that are cutting edge. For the 33 amazing years that it has been in the business, Orly has created not just nail polishes but tools that help beautify nails. It has redefined the meaning of nail fashion and has taken nail care to a whole new level. Jeff Pink has created a tool that helps salon professionals in their quest to provide quality nail care to their clientele.

shimmering orly nail polish

From just a simple idea that hatched into a business venture, Orly has grown and is distributed in over 66 countries. It has become the choice of many manicurists because of its strength, wearability, dry time, adhesion and shine.

The Various Orly Nail Polish Colors

There are several Orly nail polish colors anybody can choose from, from the subdued to the wild and wired colors. Here are some of the Orly nail polish colors available:

fancy orly nail polish passion fruit

  • Electronica – This palette has four colors that are in a techno-inspired color. The Preamp, Shockwave, Synchro and Decoded are created to express a person’s hard-wired emotions through the nail polish.
  • Flash Glam FX – This palette has 22 different color mixes. It is the sparkly collection of Orly Nail Polish. This color palette has polishes that are mixed with reflective glitters that give off a wonderfully wild 3D effect on the nails.
  • Feel the Vibe – This is the Orly Nail Polish collection that is best for the summer. It has 6 colors – the Beach Cruiser, Skinny Dip, Day Glow, After Party, Popsicle and Glowstick. The colors under this collection make the summer sun shine brighter and your nails more vibrant.
  • Dark Shadows – The colors under this collection of Orly Nail Polish are inspired by the movie under the same name. It has four colors – Mysterious Curse, Buried Alive, Grave Mistake and Decades of Dysfunction.
  • Cool Romance – This pastel color collection of Orly Nail Polish is made to express the freshness of youth. It has six colors, the Prelude to a Kiss, Faint of Heart, Jealous Much, You’re Blushing, Artificial Sweetener and Steel Your Heart.
  • I Heart Nails – this is the Valentine’s Day collection of Orly Nail Polish. It has four classic pinks and reds called the Passion Fruit, Cotton Candy, Forever Crimson and Butterflies to its collection.

orly nail polish pin-up summer collection

Tips in Using Orly Nail Polish

It is not just enough that you buy Orly nail polish. You have to know how to use it. There are tips that you can do to make sure that the nail polish stands out.

First thing that you have to do is that you have to know what base polish to use. There are colors that need a dark base polish and there are also colors that need a white base polish. The base polish is important because it makes the color stand out.

When you are done coloring your nails, make sure that you close the nail polish bottle properly so that it will not dry out.

fabulous orly lollipop nail polish

If you want to have wonderfully colored nails, use Orly nail polish. The best thing about this is that you can buy Orly nail polish wholesale at any of their distribution branches.