Chess is a game of thoughts, glory and thrill. It is really hard to find out anyone in the civilized world who doesn’t know about Chess. However, this game was an entertainment for the kings and the members of the royal courts in its early days. But, it has become people’s game by time, to be more precise, an international event. The global guardian organization of chess, FIDE (abbreviation of French Fédération Internationale des Échecs means International Chess Federation) organize and/or supervise about sixty international chess tournaments at global and continental level every year. To learn more about international chess tournaments, let us look back in the history of chess and international chess tournaments.

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History of Chess and Its Variations
Ancient India is the birthplace of chess. The written references found till date shows that chess originated sometime around 600 AD, though there are some unverified claims about chess’s existence in as early as 100 AD. There are quite a few variations of Chess. Shogi, one of those variations is popular in Japan. Another variation, Xiangqi, is played in China. Also, many local variations of chess rules are still persisting in isolated rural areas of the Indian sub-continent. The variation that is well known in Europe and America (the global variation nowadays) reach their firstly through Persia. It arrived in the main commercial centers of Italy and Spain by 1000 AD. Almost at the same time Vikings carried Chess to Scandinavia and Iceland. By the next century it travelled through central Europe, and became well known and established throughout the Europe by 1400 AD.

Designs Of Chess Pieces

The rules of Chess those we are familiar with nowadays were established in 1475. The modern Chess pieces that are globally used now were designed by Jaques Staunton, an English Chess Master in mid 1800s. However, there are many other designs of chess pieces those are not used in international chess tournaments but are attractive and used at personal level. Harry Potter chess set is such a chess set that features the characters of the popular Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”. Harry Potter chess set is really attractive, especially to the Harry Potter fans. It can be really a nice set for learning the game with fun.

First International Chess Tournament
The London Tourney was the first international chess tournament, held in London in 1851. Adolf Anderssen from Germany won the tournament and became the unofficial best Chess player in the world. Among the American-born Chess greats, first comes the name of Poul Morphy who travelled in Europe in the 1850s and beat all the challengers including Adolf Anderssen. However, Wilhelm Steinitz, an Austrian (later American) Chess player become the first official world champion after winning the first official international chess tournament played in 1866 in London. Time limit was imposed for the first time in this tournament and Sandclocks were used for the purpose. Wilhelm Steinitz held the title until he was defeated by Emanuel Lasker from Germany in 1894 and has reigned over the world of Chess for next 27 years. From the late 1920s most of the champions came from former USSR. Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov are most famous among them. The present champion, Viswanathan Anand is from India, the birthplace of Chess.

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The guardian organization of world Chess FIDE was formed in 1924 and since then supervising domestic and international chess events in the associate countries as well as organizing a number of international chess tournaments. The highest ranked chess tournament in world, World Chess Championship, came under FIDE supervision in 1948.