Herpes is a common simplex virus infection that is commonly occurred amongst humans. This infection is generally found in the mouth, face, anals, genitals and buttocks area. Many people may be affected with the infection and still do not face any kind of symptoms. However, in many cases oral herpes symptoms may lead to painful blisters being formed in the virus affected regions of the body. Without proper medication, it is impossible to get rid of oral herpes symptoms forever. The symptoms may subside temporarily but the germ would still reside in the nerve endings waiting for an opportunity to bounce back.

usual mouth herpes simplex

A common form of oral herpes simplex symptom is cold sore or fever sore that is generally found near the mouth area. This area is always affected in case of masses recovering from fever .There are mainly 2 types of herpes- Type I & type II. In case of type I herpes the affected area lays above the waist and in case of Type II the affected area is generally the genital area. Oral herpes symptoms have a tendency to re occur once or twice a year unless properly treated.

preventive ways on oral herpes transmission

Oral herpes transmission is simple and easy. This germ is extremely contagious and can spread from one person to another fairly fast. The virus may get transmitted from kissing to handshakes or mere body touch. Hence if you are already suffering from bouts of herpes, then it makes sense to avoid body contact with the people close to you, so that they are not affected by the virus being transmitted to them.

herpes simplex symptoms treatment advices

Herpes symptoms in men are as follows:

  • listers are formed near the affected area. As a result lot of pain and itchiness is associated until the blisters heal up completely. If not properly treated the blisters may leave a nasty scar as a reminder on your skin forever.
  • People with herpes are often known to run high temperature fever making them feel weak and tired.
  • Muscle pain is another common one of the oral herpes symptoms.
  • Nausea and loss of appetite can also occur.
  • Burning sensation felt near the affected area.
  • People down with mouth ulcers are the worst affected. Due to the ulcer, they are unable to eat anything spicy as it burns the mouth. The only diet they can follow is a liquid diet that gives them a momentary relief from the burning sensation felt in the blister area inside the mouth.

early oral herpes symptoms

Generally a person takes about 4 days to have oral herpes symptoms after coming in contact with the virus. It makes sense, that one consults the doctor as soon as the symptoms start to appear. As already discussed, oral ulcers have a history of reappearing. If you want to be saved from the pain of re occurring herpes then complete the treatment thoroughly. So if you experience some of these oral herpes symptoms, it is highly recommended to contact your doctor as soon as possible and alert the people near you as well.