What is the use of absorbent pads in oil spills? Oil absorbent pads are very important especially when oil spills happen. This is because oil spill pads are like first aid solution when oil spill arises. This particular kit is very important, for this will save you from getting damages as well as fines. These disposable absorbent pads are specifically designed with fibers in order to absorb and contain the oil spill.

Basically, there are two types of leak absorbent stuffing used. One type is the pads of which 3m oil absorbent pads are commonly used. And the other one is the boom types. These two types commonly work together. The boom contains the spill while gradually absorbing it while the pads absorb them much faster. Below is a detailed description on how it works.

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How Oil Spills Are Contained

  • Oil Absorbent Booms Or The Socks

Just like band aids, booms or socks play the same role. This type of absorbent material has the “containing” as well as “absorbent” qualities. However, this is usually use as a primary tool to sip or contain the oil in a certain area. Generally, it will stop the oil from diffusion by simply forming a barrier just around the spill. What’s great about these booms? They can be interlinked together through the use of carbon metal hooks. And since it is tubular in shape, it can cover bigger areas compared to absorbent pads. This type of absorbent is easy to use. First, you just need to drop the booms close to the perimeter of the affected areas. Then, you need to connect them creating a circular enclosure. There are two types of booms though; the land use and the water use.  The water use type floats and used to contain spills on water bodies. Land booms on the other hand are dropped on land to prevent oil from seeping below ground which may contain ground water and other land animals.

  • Oil Absorbent Pads

These pads act like cotton balls found inside your first aid kit. These pads are usually white in color and will not sink when placed in water. These absorbent pads also have anti-static qualities in order to prevent sparks to start a fire. Just like with the booms, pads need to be scattered over the spill. You need to place first the boom then followed by the pads. You also need to ensure that you cover the spill surface as much as possible. Since it is colored white, you’ll know when to replace the pads. Continue changing the pads until all the spilled oil is contain.

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Containing spills, especially oil spills, is very tasking. Proper procedure needs to be implemented to effectively contain the situation. Ultimately, prevention is still best than remedy.