Even though the movie, Office Space, carries a simple plot, millions of viewers have found it to be really a really great watch! Over the years, it has even built a cult following and the legacy it left behind can still be seen in different forms and ways in the present time, just like in their ever famous and well-known Office Space quotes. That alone is enough to give you an idea, that truly this movie is not only quirky and funny, but all the more remarkable and unforgettable.

Different reviews were given to the movie, Office Space. Various insights and comments that has both criticized or lauded the said film can be read in various websites online. These reviews will somehow be helpful in giving you an overview on what to expect from the film.

To help you come up with the best positive and negative reviews, here are some samples of movie reviews taken from famous sites such as Megacritic, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes.

Hilarious Office Space Quotes

Office Space | Positive Movie Reviews

  • Christopher Maine of Bangor Daily News has this to say: “The film plays a lot like the comic strip “Dilbert”. But a whole lot funnier, live-action version of it!”
  • Susan Wloszczyna of USA Today further said: “Ever had a job? IF you did, then you’d surely be amazed with this visual concoction.”
  • Richard Corliss of Time Magazine even suggested: “Having a terrible bout of Monday blues?  Why not cut work to see it?”
  • On a more serious note, Brent Simon of Shared Darkness, took a closer look at the film and has this to say: “Rich Dialogue. Spot on details. And the kind that will elicit that laugh-out-load factor… the movie is a truly one of the best comedies in the 90’s era.”
  • Sandra Contreras of TV Guide’s Movie Guide also added: “Although the movie did not really live up to its awesome start, the director was able to ace it up by putting together all necessary elements of a workplace. And to think this is his first ever live-action movie to be shown in the big screen! Awesome!”
  • Mick Lasalle of San Francisco Chronicle even lauded the movie director by saying: “Mike Judge’s view on what is ridiculous had definitely and without a doubt, served him well in this film.”
  • And in 2 words, Joe Leydon of Variety was able to put together what the movie is: “Frequently Uproarious!”
  • Ian Nathan of Empire magazine brashly commented: “Office Space? Well, it is just a shapeless, aimless comedy film that deserves little merit.”
  • As what Rick Groen of Globe and Mail has observed: “A discomfiting satire that soon deteriorates down to nothing but a silly farce. And it all began when the head bosses rewarded Peter’s efforts amidst his active rebellion on them. That was when the entire film lost its bite and meaning.”
  • James Berardinelli of Reel Views and Robin Clifford of Reeling Reviews, though different in words, has the same thing to say about the film, which goes as this: “The movie would have been good has it not fail to keep up its high energy level and comic momentum. The last half was characterized by routine and less humorous scenes.”
  • And lastly, Michael Wilmington of Chicago Tribune further commented: “Office Space… hmm.. it is a movie that is not distinguishing and will soon be forgotten.”

Cool Office Space Quotes

Office Space | Negative Movie Reviews

Hopefully, this brief list on some of the reviews for the film Office Space will help you decide on whether it is worth your time watching or not.