Office Space clips showing the scenes from the well-known movie depicting office life are available plenty online in YouTube and other video sharing sites. Several clips copying the same scenario are also present in such websites.

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More Facts on Office Space

Office Space is a movie criticizing the modern day corporate culture. The movie shows ordinary workers who are forced to do unproductive work for most part of their life. They are screwed up unnecessarily by their management continuously and are forced to live a stressful life forever.

  • One of the most famous scene in Office Space clips was where workers take out their anger on a laser printing machine, which later became iconic.
  • Office Space scripts were written by Mike Judge, the director of the movie himself. But, he had to alter them several times to satisfy the studio executives.
  • However, the director was not very satisfied with the way the climax was shot. He wanted to rewrite the abrupt ending, but, the studio did not give him permission to do so.
  • The Office Space clips were reproduced in various commercials and skits.

Another Humorous Office Space Quotes

  • The Bill Lumbergh character appeared in many animations, commercials and skits. It became an icon of an arrogant boss.
  • Similarly, the Milton character obsessed with his red stapler, threatening to burn down the office also became extremely famous.
  • Office Space movie clips were copied in many stage plays and comedy shows. The red colored Swingline stapler which the Milton character searches throughout the movie came to market only in 2002 after repeated requests from the Office Space fans.
  • There is a special Facebook app depicting the movie, ranked as fifth in the “25 Great Comedies from the Past 25 Years” list produced by Entertainment weekly.
  • Office Space sound clips were produced with care to use mostly natural office sounds in the background. The album contained over 12 tracks, many of which were received with good response.

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How The Office Space Cast Influenced the World

Office Space clips portraying the cast of the film breaking the printer was remixed in several ways possible.

  • The Peter Gibbons and the Milton characters in the movie became a cult classic.
  • The 10th anniversary of the movie was celebrated by breaking a printer in the sidewalk of the Paramount Theatre in Austin.
  • Jennifer Aniston, the heroine of the film had little to do contribute in the main picture. But, the way she fingers her boss trying to irritate him became another start of a saga. Several movies have shown heroines doing similar acts since then.

Reminisce with Office Space Scripts

Office Space clips showing how Bob has interviewed various employees in the corporate office, the printer breaking scene and the scene where Peter Gibbons starts breaking furniture in the office, were all viewed several times online. These comedy Office Space clips are one amongst the most viewed videos in the video sharing sites. Aside from that, famous Office Space quotes also perpetuate the world. The animation series of the film also became quite famous.