Office door signs are an affordable and attractive way to direct customers, organize the office, attract attention or provide information. From basic signs with a name or room number to warning signs or office hours, the uses for custom office door signs are endless. Best of all, many office door signs makers allow you to customize the signs with a variety of colors, graphics, materials and fonts to help create a cohesive look at your business or office.

Custom Medical Office Door SignsCommon materials for office door signs include:

  • Plastic composites
  • Aluminum
  • Laminated Vinyl
  • Wood

Various treatments, including water-resistant and UV-resistant coatings, are available as well. Whether you are applying a company logo to the entry to your office or reminding customers to turn off their cellular phones, you can count on custom office door signs to look great for a long time.

Awesome Office Door Name SignsPopular formats for office door signs include:

  • Office door name signs
  • Visitor must register signs
  • Office hour signs
  • Visitor or employee section signs
  • Surveillance notification signs
  • Location and direction signs
  • General information signs
  • Medical office door signs


All About Office Door Signs

These signs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Some of the most common formats include:

  • Adhesive clings 
  • Wall mounted office door signs
  • Double-sided rigid signs
  • Table-top standing signs
  • Adhesive rigid signs


Indoor Custom Office Door Signs

An Easy Guide on Office Door Signs

When it comes to choosing the ideal office door signs for your business, the number of options can be intimidating. These tips can make choosing the perfect custom office door signs easy.

  • Consider popular languages in your area. If you offer services or serve clients with a variety of languages, a large format sign with multilingual text is often cheaper and looks neater than two small signs. Rules and regulations for your industry might also require bilingual signage or Braille on signs. Checking these concerns before purchasing office door signs can save you problems in the future.
  • Consider the ideal mounting method. Some signs mount direct to the wall using screws, others are adhesive, some use brackets and others are just a film that is applied to the door. Choosing office door signs with a low profile allows for more placement options. Signs that are mounted with brackets must account for safety and traffic concerns. However, they are often the most durable sign type.
  • Choose high-contrast colors. It not only provides aclean, professional appearance, but also grabs the attention of customers or employees. This is particularly effective for warning signs or location signs. However, the color should still integrate well with the surrounding décor. Try choosing a color of the same hue that is darker or lighter than the surrounding furnishings or wall treatments.
  • Consider the lighting of your office and the intended sign space. Many signs include gloss-finishes or metallic trims. Under direct sunlight or overhead lighting, this can create glare and make the signs difficult to read. When choosing vinyl adhesiveoffice door signs, a matte finish and transparent background can help to eliminate these issues.

While they come in a wide array of customizable designs, office door signs convey information best with a clear cut design and readable text. These office accessories should not necessarily be expensive but they should serve their purpose well.