The Timeline

In was in the late 60s and early 70s when women dropped dresses and skirts in favor of trousers. This was also when suits became less of a preference for men. The most noticeable combination of tie, belt and vest for double breasted suits usually spell “uncomfortable” for many men, which is why double breasted suit is not normally worn as a daily outfit for men and is thus only reserved for special occasions.

Perfect Occasions for Wearing Double Breasted Suits

Fashion changes constantly and very quickly that there is a need to check with the experts every so often. Even though double breasted suit has been around for ages, there are still confusions about how to properly wear it, whether buttons may be opened up, what pair of pants to pair it with, what should be the proper fit and proportion, what color and design of tie to pair it with, and if pieces of jewelry are still necessary.

The Impression It Brings

When among other group of people, this kind of suit would break the boundaries of social class as it would actually give a good impression of your status, an impression of wealth, masculinity and good taste. This is one choice of attire that would look great on a man of average to above average height to look great for many occasions. So, what occasions really, would it be most appropriate to wear double breasted suits?

Formal Gatherings To Wear Double Breasted Suits

  • social functions
  • seminars
  • dinners of any kind
  • weddings,
  • parties
  • official meetings
  • business trips
  • prom
  • funerals,
  • and more…

These are just some of those formal gatherings wherein one has the opportunity to wear fine suits like this. If you know where to look for it, there are a wide range of blazers to choose from with wide range of colors and varied styles. You should be able to find the perfect double breasted suit for you.

look great with double breasted suit

Double Breasted Suits in the Contemporary Era

  • Double breasted suits may also be a great choice to wear for job interviews in order to project a respectable image.
  • It is said that the best choice of color for interviews are blue and grey fabrics and you can find just that.
  • Double breasted suit have conservative styles and some organization may like a look that is just like that. However, you have to be careful because this could also differ depending on the culture of the company you are applying with.

Nowadays, it is no longer as common to see employees go to work on a very business-like or formal attire. They have recently changed the standard outfit for going to work in order to encourage openness and social equality. These sometimes include mid-level management and have recently only becomes a limited norm for middle and upper level management. If you look around now, casual dress has become acceptable.