Numark is a well known company that has its main customer base in dedicated DJs. They provide all the equipment that a DJ needs to keep the crowd on its feet. They are well known for their electronics. One of their best sellers is the Numark Turntable aside from the Numark Mixtrack. It is one of the most innovative turntables for mixing and scratching. It is the only one of its kind which makes it a unique and coveted product.

numark X2 pro hybrid turntable

The Numark Turntable package comes with everything a DJ needs to create a sound that is all their own. It includes a pre-mounted cartridge, a software CD installer, an extremely helpful user guide, and an adapter. You can use the turntable to create digital mash ups or just create your own sounds. The anti-skating feature keeps the record from skipping during play. This increases the quality of sound that the equipment produces and makes it a lot easier on the DJ. You can also use the turntable to transform cassette tapes into usable files again.

You also have access to MixMeister’s software which will allow you to get all the information you need about each track. Another convenient feature of the Numark Turntable is the ability to send your tracks to your iPod in order to keep them that way. You can then play your recorded tracks directly from your iPod. Lots of DJs prefer to do it that way because they can easily store hundreds of tracks and easily move from one song to the next. A DJ can be mobile with just this system and can bring the party anywhere it is happening.

professional numar turntable with usb

The Numark Turntable makes it easy to archive your records and commit them to your computer so you will always have them. The software included allows you to easily organize older things that have been recorded. It can actually make the older recordings sound even better by taking out all the extra noise. You can easily use the turntable to mix digital and analog music together. This Numark Turntable can be connected to any speaker system in order to play back and spin records when you are not transferring them. The Numark Turntable is so easy to hook up to your laptop or desktop with one USB cable. The Numark USB turntable is the best on the market and gets rave Numark Turntable reviews, so if you are looking for a new mixer then this one will be a good choice.