Are you in the medical industry? Then you’ve probably heard about the quality of NrG scrubs. These are put out by the popular uniform maker Barco and are ideal for the medical professional.

If you’re a nurse or dental assistant, you will appreciate these scrubs. They are a comfortable fit, offer pocket options, flattering patterns and style. The NrG scrubs by Barco are also known for their durability.

squared v-neck nrg scrub

Common types and styles of NrG scrubs

You will find a lot of the same styles for tops, which is the most conspicuous scrub garment, in the NrG scrubs line. Simply peruse the different patterns and colors to find the perfect ensemble for your personality and office.

  • Mock wrap tops for NrG Barco scrubs – Offered in pink, key lime, blue, white and titanium as well as other colors. The wrap-over styling gives the scrubs a modern fashion appearance.
  • V-neck Barco NrG scrubs – The normal V-neckline is the trademark of these Barco NrG scrubs. You will enjoy the double front pockets, comfortable fit, and various color choices with these V-neck tops and regular bottoms.
  • Round neck top for NrG scrubs – NrG scrubs make these in a highly styled design. With a pleated neckline and buttons styled along the front, you will look adorable and intelligent in this attire. The front pockets are great for storage and you’ll appreciate the belted front.
  • Lab coat – These are the typical “doctor-looking” coats which medical students can purchase to look the part of a medical professional. They have great storage and sizing options.

barco womens junior fit mock black scrub

Useful features of NrG scrubs

Spandex, Polyester and Rayon converge as a wonderful material to form these NrG scrubs. This material combination allows for fantastic flexibility and a comfortable and custom fit for your body.

Many of the NrG scrubs come in various sizes. The sizes range so that just about anyone, even plus sized nursing professionals, can fit into these scrubs. You will also enjoy a wide selection of styles and accoutrements on many of the Barco NrG scrubs.

The Barco NrG scrubs lab coats are a wonderful doctor or student garment. With the look of a bona fide doctor, the storage of a trench coat, and the warmth and comfort of a casual jacket, you can’t go wrong with the lab coat.

barco mock wrap NRG scrub

Cleaning and washing tips

Whether you decide to purchase the NrG scrubs including lab coats and bottoms or if you select a single piece, there is cleaning involved. You will want to keep your scrubs clean if you’re in a patient-facing position. The great advantage of the high-quality fabric Barco uses is that it can take wash after wash. Your NrG scrubs will resist wrinkling and maintain their proper elasticity throughout your ownership.

Use basic cleaning tips with this type of laundry. Quickly address any stains or dyes that come in contact with your NrG scrubs.

4-pocket NRG scrub pant with detail seam

Be sure to launder your uniforms after every other wearing. Depending on your level of physical activity, you may need to wash your scrubs daily or even once every three uses.