Makeup brush sets usually contain brushes to apply eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Apart from these, it must contain a blending brush and an eyebrow brush. This is what comprises a basic makeup brush set.

Makeup Brush Sets on Sale

Specifically, the professional makeup brush sets contain the large and medium angled brushes for shading and contouring, small angled brush, concealer and foundation brushes, large brush for shading, eyeliner and eye shading brush, tapered blending brush, and pencil brush.

Here are some makeup brushes available for sale:


best makeup brush sets

This store offers cheap makeup brushes, such as:

  • Crease brush for the eye is priced at $4.89; while a pointed crease brush is priced at $3.99, and the small crease brush is priced at $2.99.

  • Tapered stiff dome brush for creating a smokey eye is priced at $7.99.

  • Stripling foundation brush is priced at $15.99.

  • Soft dome brush for blending and dusting powder is priced at $7.49.

  • Cheek highlighter brush is priced at $7.99.

  • Dual sided eye shadow brush is priced at $7.49.

  • A bent liner brush for application of gel liners is priced at $3.79.

  • A dome brush for creating outer smokey eye and an eyeliner smudge brush for soft smokey eye are priced at $3.99.

  • Concealer brush and eye shader brush are priced at $5.99.

  • A dual ended brush with eyebrow brush and angled brush on either side is priced at $4.49. Another with concealer and foundation brush on either side is priced at $9.99.

  • A shader brush to smudge eye shadow on lower lid is priced at $4.59.

  • The blush brush is priced at $8.99.

  • The angled contour brush is $5.99; while its deluxe version $8.29.

  • Flat foundation brush for smooth look is priced at $7.99.

  • Flat eye brush to apply concealer under the eyes is priced at $2.99.

  • Travel makeup brush set is priced at $19.99.

  • Beauty blender sponge is priced at $18.99.


This Company offers affordable makeup brush sets, such as:

Shu Umera makeup brush sets:

  • A makeup brush set of 11 pieces is priced at $26.99

  • 9 piece brush set is priced at $24.99

  • 8 piece brush set is offered at $22.99

MAC makeup brush sets:

  • It offers a makeup brush set for professionals in 12 pieces and 24 pieces. They are priced at $28.99 and $25.99 after discount.

  • Travel makeup brush sets are available in 6 and 7 pieces priced at $17.99 and $18.99 respectively.

  • Mac also offers brush sets containing 15 to 24 pieces, priced in between $22.99 and $24.99.

Bobbi brown brushes: Discount makeup brush sets from this brand are available in 6 or 24 pieces priced in between $36.99 and $49.99.

Emily makeup brush sets:

best affordable makeup brush sets

  • 10 and 7 piece brush set in pink color is priced at $43 and $47.

  • Makeup brush sets for professionals are available in 24 and 22 pieces, and are priced at $79 and $88.

  • 12 piece brush set is priced at $52.


The different makeup brush sets available are:

  • A makeup brush set for professional in silver color is priced at $34.99.

  • A mini makeup brush set is priced at $24.99. It is available in black and pink color.

  • A deluxe sable or badger hair makeup brush set is priced at $29.99.

  • A 12 piece brush set for makeup with wood handle is priced at $44.99.