There are a variety of neckline shapes made accessible for women to pick from. Take note that not every type of neckline shapes look good for a particular person. You should choose the kinds that perfectly enhance your body shape appropriately. The various necklines balance the different face shapes that you would surely look astonishing if the neckline complements you.

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Popular Neckline Shapes

  • Crew Neckline: It is suitable for those with a slim face shape. Individuals that have oval, heart, or oblong shaped faces appear good with this neckline. Those with round faces are not suitable with this since it will make the face appear even bigger. It is also not suitable for those with short necks.
  • V Neckline: This is suitable for most women since it elongates the neck and provides a skinny look. This neckline is ideal for those with round faces.
  • Deep V Neckline: This neckline has a tremendously low cut style, which often displays a little cleavage. Again, this is ideal for those with round faces.
  • Boat Neckline: This is deal for those with slender or slopping shoulders since it makes the shoulders appear broader. This is not ideal for those with wide shoulders since it makes the wearer look even wider. For the face shapes, it flatters the oval, heart and oblong.
  • Off One Shoulder Neckline Shapes: Blouses or shirts that have a rather wide neckline can be pulled to one side to make it look like one shoulder top. These are flattering for those with long necks.
  • Square Neckline: This is ideal for almost everyone but those that have a square jaw line should avoid this. This is highly flattering for those with round faces.
  • Turtleneck: This is flattering for those that have narrow faces. Those with oval, oblong and heart shaped faces are also suitable for the turtleneck. Again, this should be avoided by those with wide and round faces.
  • Cowl Neck: This has an unstructured and floppy turtleneck and drapes below the collarbone. They are flattering to those with small chests since the extra draping provides volume to the bust area.
  • Ruffle Neckline: This type is flattering for women with small chests. Those with bigger chests should avoid this since it tends to over complement their look.

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With the different neckline shapes discussed above, you now have a guide that you can use in order to find the ideal neckline that best suits your face and body.