A necklace chain or commonly known as a chain-type necklace is among the earliest and most common accessory that a lot of individuals make use of. Compared to their complex and elaborate counterparts, chain necklaces are simple, but when worn properly they would project class, elegance, and unparalleled look. This type of necklace may also be worn for almost any purpose, occasion, or event, and it can be paired with almost any pair of clothing whether it is formal, semi-formal, or when simply wearing casual shorts and t-shirts.

How to Best Wear Chain Necklaces

Although a necklace chain is versatile and can be worn and styled according to the wants and preferences of an individual, there are still key considerations or pointers needed to bear in mind when flaunting your chain link necklace. Failure to observe the following simple tips will certainly affect your total getup.

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  • Choose a necklace that matches the purpose of wearing: Basically, there are only two general options you have, those which are appropriate for casual or regular use and those intended for the more formal or special events or occasions. You wouldn’t expect a lady to wear a ball chain necklace at a cocktail or formal evening party, in the same manner that you won’t see anyone wearing a heavy or cocktail necklace with precious stones during the day, in the middle of the streets.

  • Get to know the gender considerations: A lot of people and fashion experts have been liberal with this aspect but conventions say that certain necklaces are suitable only for men and others for the women. The jeweler, dress, or fashion consultant can be a resource person to suggest a particular necklace chain suitable for your gender and overall look. The ladies have generally no problems on flaunting chain necklaces, but as for the men, it is ideal to wear them inside shirts and t-shirts showing only the neckline.

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  • Consider the necklace material: Chain necklaces are commonly crafted from gold, silver, and some other precious metals. But there are also chain necklaces crafted with beads, fabric beads, plastic and other colorful materials. Most often, these colorful and fun types of necklaces are more appropriate for little girls and teens and would already look awkward when worn by adults.

  • A necklace chain works with contrasting colors: Chain necklaces have the easiest or most simple rule when pairing them with clothes and certain outfits. They are best for clothes with contrasting colors of the necklace itself. The shiny gold and silver chain necklace, for example, is best coupled by black or dark-colored turtleneck, clothes, dresses, or gowns projecting that sophisticated, classy, and elegant look. On the other hand, the more colorful and fun necklaces with beads, fabric chains, and others styles are more ideal for plain and light-colored shirts and t-shirts.

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Most Common and Popular Styles of Chain Necklaces

A necklace chain can further be classified according to the type or style of chains contained in every necklace.

  • The Cable Type: The cable type chain necklace is the most common style wherein individual oval pieces are connected with each other side-by-side. It is similar to the common chains that people use for any other purpose.

  • The Foxtail Type: This type is the popular style used when creating necklaces. The oval links are all aligned and are connected by flat rows of rings in the center. Each oval also features curves and twists to make the chain flat when laid.

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  • The Rope Type: This style is similar to the appearance of ropes people have at home. Two strands of a metal are twisted in a continuous manner to create a rope-like necklace.

  • The Serpentine Type: This style is similar to the foxtail and cable types and is only different on the shape of its individual chain, which takes the form of a letter “S” instead of oval.

A necklace chain always makes your outfit better. In choosing the best necklace for you, opt for those that suit your style and your liking best. Always purchase your necklace chain from a reputed jeweler to ensure the originality and quality of the necklace.