With the US economic crisis still taking a toll on the world, it’s hard for women to remain in style and yet still keep within budget based on their household income without heading to almost certain bankruptcy. It’s the conscious and savvy fashionista that will be able to ride these rough economic times and still emerge as being up to date with the latest designer trends.

navy blue clutch bag

One way that women do this is by patronizing clutch bags. The reality is that these bags, particularly a navy clutch handbag, can be used to great use based on their designer inspired brands. An Armani designer clutch bag might be a little more than one hundred dollars while the real Armani might range in the thousands depending on color, texture and style.

A genuine navy clutch handbag as well as a navy clutch purse can be found for sale at almost any location. These places include ordinary thrift stores, in a few consignment shops and of course at the higher end designer wear stores made especially for women. If you want to buy these accessories, you have to shop around to get the best prices.

satin cross ribbon navy clutch handbag

Fashionistas will tell you that going shopping means that you can’t head to the mall and pick the first designer bag you want. The methodology is to check your wardrobe first and look at the outfits that you have. Take into account the most common types of nail polish that you wear, the color of your eyes and the types of shoes that you love. This will all have an impact on what you want to buy.

The next step is to map out all the stores that you want to go to. Start with the shortest fruit from the tree – that being the mall closest to your house. This means that you can cover as much ground in one day as you possibly can. Don’t get caught up shopping for other stuff that you never intended to look for. If you see a great deal then take it but don’t spend too much time focusing on that. And more importantly stay within your budget.

First thing you want to do is to mix and match the navy clutch handbag that you purchase. You can start with a vintage navy clutch handbag that costs just fewer than ten to twelve dollars. These are just a start and use the guide based on what you have in your closet and what you love.

Consignment shops are a popular location to get these vintage bags but there are other locations that can have some top of the line inspired navy clutch handbag. These places include, but are certainly not limited to:
Flea markets – Local flea markets can have some really great deals for you to get with respect to designer wear. The vendors have now become a popular source of fashionable designer clutch bags.

Online – This goes without saying popular online stores such as EBay and Amazon can be a perfect location to grab that elusive navy clutch handbag. You might however pay a small premium for these bags and it might cost you dearly if you don’t find the right online store, buy during the less popular season, and look for local search rather than brand name stores. An example is that one woman living in New York found a $1,300 Chanel designer clutch bag on sale in a local Mom and Pop store in New Orleans that was have a closing down sale paid $200.00 for it and had FedEx pick up and deliver to her door step for just under $50.00. She saved over $1,000.