Natural deodorant that works is the best answer when it comes to problems in body odors. It is the best than any commercial deodorants to be part on your personal hygiene.  That is why people are encouraged to look for natural deodorant recipe to make their own deodorant.

natural deodorant recipe guide

Here is an easy way to make your own deodorant. Not expensive and even works better than any commercial brands.

What are the Ingredients?

  • One-third cup of coconut oil in a solid state
  • Essential oils but optional
  • One-fourth cup of baking soda that is aluminum free
  • One-fourth cup of arrow root powder

The natural deodorant recipe directions:

1.) Get a glass bowl to blend the arrowroot powder and baking soda.

2.) Next, put in the coconut oil, not melt it or even warm, and use the pastry blender or fork to mix thoroughly into the other dry ingredients.

3.) Then, add five to ten drops of your essential oils and then mix together completely. This is a handmade deodorant recipe that is optional; you can either put or not include them on your process.

4.) You can add more arrowroot, baking soda or coconut oil if necessary. Just as soon as the texture of the mixture is the same with the commercial deodorant.

5.) Put the mixture in a small container or jar. Store it in a room temperature. You can refrigerate the mixture when the weather is too hot or warm. This is because coconut oil melts over 76 degrees.

6.) In applying, you can scoop just a little amount on your finger and rub it on your armpits per day or as much as needed. Just let the deodorant dry out before you get dressed for one to two minutes.

all natural deodorant homemade recipe

Now you have your own best natural deodorant to use. It is really beneficial for you when you can make your own one. Natural deodorant recipe is very cheap to buy and easy to use.  There are recent studies that commercial deodorants are often the source of breast cancers because of the chemical ingredients.

All natural deodorant recipe is even proven to be hypoallergenic nature. It obstructs the process of bacteria growing without blocking your pores and do not interferes on the process of cooling your body from perspiration.

You can now have your own non-sticky natural deodorant recipe to make. You can look for other recipes by just searching the internet.