There are more ways to deal with bed bugs. The easiest bed bug treatment is by calling professionals to do that for you. However, this is the most expensive one and that is the last thing to do. That is if nothing else works. The treatment that is described below has proven as effective plenty of times.

Simple Bed Bug Treatments

The following bed bug treatment includes removing all of your furnishings and beddings need to be placed in seal plastic bags. The items that could be laundered needs to be laundered at the highest temperature that their fabrics can withstand. Everything else that cannot be laundered needs to be placed in a tumble dryer and left there for 10 minutes. The tumble dryer needs to be set at high settings.

best bed bug treatment

If there are items that can’t be placed neither in the tumble dryer, nor in the washing machine needs to be steam cleaned. The steam will effectively wipe out all the bed bugs. As far as the furniture it needs to be vacuumed inside and out. That way you can effectively get rid of all the small nymphs and bug eggs that are hard to spot with the naked eye. If would be for the best if you could get your hands on a steam cleaner. The bed bugs cannot withstand the high temperatures that the steamer produces.

Another effective bed bug treatment are mattress covers for bed bugs. Simply wrap the entire mattress with them and let then bugs die naturally. They are cheap, simple and safe unlike pesticides. You can also go with pesticides but one needs to ensure safety first.

best quality mattress covers for bed bugs

Hence, if the mattress is just too infested, getting a new one may be the wiser choice. However, it is still important that you remove the bed bugs from in your home totally because it will be very likely that they will appear again even if you got rid of the old infested mattress. Calling the professionals by then would be the best choice.

These bed bug treatment options if done properly should work for you just fine. All that is required for this bed bug treatment is some time and a bit effort. This is the best bed bug treatment if you are not comfortable placing pesticides in your home. On the other it’s good to know that these days there are certain formulas that are 100% natural, pet and child safe that can help you to get rid of the bed bugs once and for all.