Necklaces are an important piece of jewelry as they always have been. No set of jewelry is complete without a necklace. You will seldom find a woman without something gracing her neck in any part around the world. In regions like south Asia, necklaces are even more essential to a woman. They are extensively worn by women and a lot of men too. Since they are used so widely and so often they are made in various sizes, types, patterns and designs. One unique type of necklace is the nameplate necklace. This necklace is unique because instead of a pendant hanging to it, there is a name carved out that hangs with the chain. A nameplate necklace can carry any name you wish and you can also get the nameplate customized.

personalized nameplate necklace gold

 They make for great gifts as you can get the name of the person you are gifting it to carve with the chain. A nameplate necklace can be made using any material. They can be made in precious metals like gold, white gold and silver. These are most popular and jewelers offer custom made nameplate necklaces in these metals. A nameplate necklace can be made in a whole other lot of materials too. Necklaces with carved wooden nameplates make them look antique. A nameplate necklace made of small shells or beads looks great and gives you a funky look.

You can get your own name carved into a nameplate necklace, customized in any way you wish. Or you can get the name of your spouse or girlfriend or just about anything. A personalized nameplate necklace can be ordered at any jewelry store and also some of the gift stores. A nameplate necklace when personalized can be a great gift as it indicates some intimacy between people.

nameplate necklace double plated

Expensive necklaces are typically made in gold, silver or white gold. Often encrusted with diamonds or other precious and expensive stones they are very attractive and eye catching. In fact, these necklaces are too extravagant that not everyone can afford it. Those who can’t can opt for cheap nameplate necklaces. They are widely available at imitation jewelry stores if you want them to look like they are made of gold or silver. Nameplate necklaces are given a gold or silver coating to add the shine. Otherwise, bead nameplate necklaces are cheap too and so are those made of plastic or wood. You can find a cheap nameplate necklace very easily or you can even make one for yourself.

With 3D being the new trend in everything a 3D nameplate necklace was bound to happen. Get yourself a 3D nameplate necklace and flaunt it proudly as the new in thing. These are not as widely available yet but you can search for them online as some websites are selling them.