Khaki is a cloth material made up of cotton and wool and it is typically of light yellowish brown color. The name “Khaki” is derived from the Persian wordkhak,” which means dust. Initially, it was used for and was a symbol of army uniforms; however these days, wearing khaki shorts has become a popular trend. Most of the leading retailers offer a wide range of in-store khaki shorts for men and khaki shorts for women that you can select from.

trendy mens khaki shorts

Availability of Khaki Shorts

These khaki shorts are available in a variety of colors and the designers are all geared up in innovating trendy designs according to the demands of the customers. Made of classic cotton, khaki shorts exhibit the qualities of being rugged and keep off heat in hot summers. Hence, khaki cargo shorts are ideal as well comfortable for purpose of trekkings and expeditions.

A vibrant display of fashionable and trendy designs of khaki clothes by the designers has created a great buzz in the market. Khaki shorts are ideal for a relaxed summer afternoon as they are lightweight and easy to maintain. This summer, you can flaunt your classy style with khaki shorts for men and women. Don’t miss to check out the khaki cargo shorts. The khaki cargo shorts with sideline pockets and canvas belts give you a cool look. So bag for yourself a sporty look that would leave others sweating in a hot summer day. The market today offers a variety of designs for cool and trendy khaki shorts that you can choose from. It’s very easy to make a fashion statement with these cheap yet trendy khaki shorts and khaki skirts.

Types of Khakis In Stores

The types of khaki usually found in stores are:

  • Crumpled Style: It sports a rugged look and is usually ideal for the purpose of sports and adventure.
  • Docker shorts: They are the basic shorts that are best for summer season. They adorn back pockets and are flat in front.
  • Baggy Style: This is ideal for travelling, as it is comfortable.
  • Combat Shorts: They have a military look; and for the militia lovers who love to sport the military look, these shorts are surely the best choice.

fashionable combat khaki shorts for women

Other than khaki shorts and pants for men, khaki shorts for women are likewise extremely comfortable and trendy. Available in various colors, patterns and designs, they will surely compliment your style statement. The women khaki shorts are sure to be a wardrobe essential. The khaki shorts for women either have low waist that support a sporty look or are high waist that gives a classy look.

The khaki shorts render a good fit and symbolize style. Women can also check out the khaki skirts that are either pleated or plain but they surely are comfortable and present a classic outlook. The khaki skirts are either long, short or knee length and can also be used for professional attire.