Indulge into the world of enchantingly beautiful watches with Movado’s designs. Movado is one of the leading brands in the world aimed at creating the best fashionable, stylish and long lasting wrist watches. Their collections include Movado Sapphire, Amorosa, Bela, Belamoda, Movado Master and several other beautiful designs that you would fall for.

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Backtracking Movado

Movado has been in the industry since 1881 and has won around 200 international awards for magnificent watch designs. This is due to the innovative design technique that makes Movado so much unique from all other luxury watch distributors in town. Movado produces these stylish watches by the name of ESQ by Movado. Out of all the Movado watches, the Movado Museum Watch is perhaps the most recognized one, represented by a shiny dot on top of the dial which symbolizes the sun at noon.

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The Movado Sapphire Wrist Watch Collection

If you happen to be a watch lover, then Movado Sapphire watch is absolutely meant for you. It is a Swiss-made men’s watch made of PVD-finished stainless steel. PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, a process that thinly coats the stainless steel with tin so that the watch will resist scratch especially under active use. The watch also contains the elegant Movado sapphire crystal laid flat on the dial, reflecting absolute stylish taste in pure black or pure silver colors. The sapphire crystal gives the watch a smooth, balanced look while the brand name promises of a long lasting accessory. All watches in this collection contain the signature Museum dot, in shiny black or mirror silver. They are available in black rubber or stainless steel link straps. Movado Sapphire is also water resistant to about 30 meters.

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  • Movado Sapphire for Pure Elegance

If you are tired of having too many digits on your wrist watch, now is the time you get rid of those and get one with a clean, minimalistic appeal such as the Movado Sapphire watch.

The sapphire crystal has only a single dot at 12 o’clock either in shiny black or silver, a minute hand and an hour hand. If you want something extraordinary on your wrist, then the Movado Sapphire is made for you. Moreover, you will not have to worry about water splashes on your exquisite watch as it has the capability to withstand all these. Even if you encounter rain or get a glass of water spilled over you during a meeting, you would not need to worry.

  • Movado Sapphire Synergy for an Active Lifestyle

A sub-collection of Movado Sapphire is Synergy, two elegant watches in pitch black stainless steel.  One is a chronograph watch with 3 timing subdials following the movement of the Swiss quartz chronograph. The hands and markings are painted white, and the watch is worn on the wrist with a black rubber strap. The other model maintains a minimalist look, with only the Museum dial in polished stainless steel and black rubber straps.

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How to Wear the Movado Sapphire

The Movado Sapphire comes in sleek black or silver, neutral colors that would match almost any outfit. It especially suits a lot of dinner jackets with a black or gray tie giving you a classy outfit and an elegant, formal look. It also tones down an outfit with bold colors and is a great accent to any casual ensemble.

The Movado Sapphire is a great item to add to your watch collection. It displays an ultramodern sense of style but still maintains a masculine appeal. The Movado Sapphire collection can be browsed and purchased from many online retailers but be sure to get authentic ones for a realistic Movado quality experience.