Having mice in the home is not new, in fact everyone gets them once in a while. While they are not hard to get rid of, doing so might take some time and cause a lot of stress. There are numerous ways for you to get rid of mice; however, the most effective way to get rid of mice is by using mouse traps that work.

These mouse traps need not be made commercially, for there are certain homemade mouse traps that work. Along with that, by using generic methods of mice extermination, you will not need to use chemicals and toxic substances that might endanger your health.

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As was mentioned before, there are numerous mouse traps that work and by reading this article you will learn a few of them:

•Spring traps are one of the most used humane mouse traps that work. They are also one of the cheapest traps available on the market. These mouse traps that work are normally made from a small piece of wood or plastic and it also comes with a metal spring where you will put the food to attract the mice. After the mouse gets close to the food and touches the trap, the spring of the mouse trap will close on it and kill the mouse. After you have disposed of the mice, you can easily reuse these traps.

•Mouth mouse trap: This mouse trap is very light in weight and is made with a pair of plastic jaws. The mouth mouse trap is operated by a coiled spring. It is one example of mouse traps that work effectively and efficiently. This is because it is built with a form of mechanism that will be triggered if there is the slightest movement that affects the traps setting. This mouse trap also works with bait and once the mice touches the trap; the trap will close, trapping the mice in it.

•Homemade mouse traps: Homemade mouse traps are unlike the ones mentioned above and these mice traps that work can be easily made from home. Homemade mouse traps have been proven to be some of the best and tested mouse traps that work and they are very effective in getting rid of these pesky little pests. When making homemade mouse traps all you need are a few simple things like: a bucket or any other container, food such as peanut butter, cracker crumbs, or seeds.

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Homemade mouse traps are the cheapest mouse traps that work available to you and you can easily make them yourself. While mice are very annoying, with the right method, you can easily get rid of them.