Motorhome tires are designed to be used for motor homes, which are vehicles with engines that have accommodation space. These vehicles are used for recreational purposes and camping, and due to its weight and continuous movements, the tires used need to be very effective. They should support the vehicles weight and ensure safety on the road. Manufacturers nowadays ensure that the tires they manufacture for motor homes are the best motorhome tires available and they offer the best features. It should be known that these tires are very different from car tires.

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Classes of Tires

There are various classes of these motorhome tires and as a motor home owner it is important to know these classes. The tires are classed according to the different sizes of the motor homes and their weight bearing ability. The classes include:

  • Class A motorhome tires – these tires are the largest and support weights between 6,000 and 14,000 kilograms.
  • Class B motorhome tires – they are the smallest tires for motor homes and support between 3,000 kg and 4,000kg of weight.
  • Class C motorhome tires – they are the medium sized tires and they support weights between 4,500kg and 5,500kg.

In addition, there are various brands of these tires and the best brands include Bridgestone, Goodyear, Duro and Michelin tires. The Duro tires are known for their stability, durability and improving the motor home’s handling.

Different From The Rest of Tires

Below are some features that make the motorhome tires unique from other tires. These are:

  • They are larger in size than the standard tires
  • They are flexible in that they readily adjust to changes in weight within the motor home depending on what the RV is carrying.
  • The arrangement of treads increases handling of the vehicle and reduces heat generation due to spinning.
  • These tires are made with both anti-ozidant and anti-oxidant compounds, which prevent the tires from cracking due to extreme weather conditions.
  • In order to enhance the tires traction on wet surfaces, circumferential grooves are added to these tires.

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Considerations When Buying

The market is filled with various brands of these tires and, therefore, it is important to know how to choose the right motorhome tires. It is advisable to read various motorhome tires reviews to get some purchasing tips. They include:

  • Know the size of your motor home as this will help you determine the class of tires to get; A, B or C.
  • Inquire on the amount of pressure your tires will need in order to ensure increased handling and performance
  • Check the treads of the tires to ensure they are of the right depth.
  • When purchasing used tires, ensure the treads are in good condition
  • Always check the prices

It is essential to take good care of your motor home but also ensure the tires are in good condition. This is a great utility where a family or a group can enjoy the outdoor experience with the right amount of comfort and security.