A computer virus is an unwanted program or software made by both unknown and known computer virus creators, which can affect and damage your computer system. All computer viruses do not behave and infect in the same way. According to their work area and work type, there are different categories of the most damaging types of virus. Knowing them will help you determine how to remove computer virus.

most damaging types of computer virus

Different Types Of Virus

·        Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse virus has the appearance of having a useful and desired function. So, most of the time, users get attracted towards it. But after installation and launch, its hidden programs perform some other undesired functions that may cause damage to the security of your computer. Most of the time, it affects system files. Data destruction, system crash or security problem, are some of the major effects of this type of computer virus. This is considered as one of the most damaging types of virus.

·        Worms

Another one of the most damaging types of virus of all time are the worms. Most of the time, you will receive a worm by an e-mail or another transport mechanism. After getting affected by worm, it copies itself in your system. But, latest antivirus software have the ability of detecting and removing worms.

·        Memory Resident Virus

This virus always works in the computer’s volatile memory (RAM). It is a type of virus which is permanent and affects all of the operations performed by the system. It can corrupt files and programs, which are temporarily stored on volatile memory.

·        Rootkit Virus

It is an undetectable virus that can allow an unauthorized user to access your computer system. This virus is created by the Trojan and normally affects stored data on hard disk.

·        Logic Bomb or Time Bomb

This type of virus gets activated on a specific date or on any specific predefined event. Its main aim is to destroy your stored data on a specific condition. Logic bombs are undetected until their launching and their result is very destructive.

Boot Sector Virus, Macro Virus and many other most damaging types of virus can also affect your system.

how to remove computer virus effectively

Antivirus Solutions

There are some solutions available to get rid of the effects of computer virus, even the most damaging types of virus, Security Shield virus removal being one of them.

Security Shield is a rouge malware application that is used to inform the user about the virus. Many antivirus software uses this tool to detect and repair the virus. Like any another virus removal application Security Shield can also be used manually or automatically. Manual removal allows user to know that virus has been completely removed but it can take hours to complete the process. Automatic removal is less time-consuming process, which eliminates the virus quickly and the user can go back to work with minimum disturbance.

Security Shield is an easy and convenient tool that removes the virus without making any changes in your existing system. But, before using Security Shield, be sure to have a backup or data recovery software with you and you must also be perfectly comfortable with your computer skills.

Installing a separate copy of Security Shield tool is a very long and hectic process. Either there are many antivirus software which has a built-in Security Shield tool where you can complete this same process with just a few mouse clicks. Once you install your antivirus software with Security Shield, always keep updating your antivirus software to get a better version and performance by the Security Shield.