A Mood Ring Colors Complete Guide: What’s Your Mood?

A Mood Ring Colors Complete Guide: What’s Your Mood?

Mood rings are the best. They are wearable rings that tell you if you are happy, sad, angry, or glad. They bring out the inner child inside the most adult-types around and they definitely bring joy to little kids and lovers of color.

There are so many different meanings to your moods and this guide will help breakdown the colors of the mood ring so that you can properly decipher your mood.

Mood ring colors range anywhere along the spectrum from black to red to blue to yellow.

What Does a Mood Ring’s Colors Mean?

Mood Ring’s Colors Mean

Some people say that it is all due to temperature, but we definitely agree it is a mixture of your mood and body temperature that changes the mood ring’s properties.

The mood ring will typically be a darker color when it is first put on. It will take a short amount of time to adjust to the warmer temperature of your skin.

The mood ring colors will change, as you get hotter or colder but also when your mood changes. Once your body temperature stabilizes, the mood ring colors will stabilize as well, making the mood changing color change as well.

Make sure to buy yourself a legit mood ring that has been tested for consistency and quality. Your mood ring product should come with a mood chart or color guide, but if it does not, you can use our vibrant guide below.

Mood Jewelry History

Mood Jewelry History

Mood jewelry has been around forever, but where did it come from?

Let’s rewind time back to the 70’s in New York City, where two inventors had an idea that would change the jewelry industry forever.

Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds produced the first mood ring in the stellar year of 1975. The mood ring would change colors depending on the color’s response to temperature, perhaps reflected by the change in body temperature associated with a person’s emotional reactions.

The prices of mood rings used to be way higher than they are today, and they were an instant success.

It did not even matter if the mood rings were 100% accurate, because the fact that they changed colors themselves ranging throughout the entire color spectrum was cool enough.

Thermochromic liquid crystals are responsible for the changing mood ring colors but since the 70’s, makers of mood jewelry have found other ways to compose the mood changing jewelry

How Does Mood Jewelry Work?

Mood jewelry is a fascinating phenomenon made possible by Thermochromic pigments. These incredible liquid crystals use response signals ignited by temperature to change their colors. Dependent on your temperature and your mood, the amount of blood (and heat) that reaches your skin and fingers is limited.

If you are extra elated about something, your blood levels will increase, as well as the temperature of your extremities. If you are nervous or anxious, there is less blood flowing to your extremities, making your hands a cooler temperature – and so a cooler color (such as gray) will show up on the mood ring.

Something to note about mood changing jewels is that water exposure could cause permanent damage. Mood ring colors tend to turn black or brown when exposed to water and, again, it can permanently ruin your mood changing jewelry.

It may all be folklore, or it may be real, who will ever know? We just love how pretty mood changing jewelry is and the mystical and mysterious meanings it can bring to those who wear it.

Whether you are a believer or not, it is safe to say that at one point in your life, you probably wore and loved a mood ring or some sort of mood changing jewelry.

Mood Ring Meaning

Mood ring colors are fun to detect and it’s always exciting to practice discerning their meaning. Each color can even be represented by a chakra point of view, but that is for an entirely different blog.

Maybe you are feeling stuck, extra nervous, or even more joyous that usual. Your mood ring could potentially indicate that specific mood or help you to determine what sort of feelings are surfacing in your chaotic world at this moment.

Each color is associated with an entirely different set of emotions and it is beneficial to note that not every person is the same. One person’s body temperature could be slight higher or lower than yours and that could in turn affect the entire output of their mood ring’s color.

Some Mood Perspective Before We Go Further

mood rings

Just like everything in life, mood rings should be taken in perspective. It all depends on how you look at it.

You could see the color red on your mood ring and think, “WHAT… but I am not angry or mad?” If you look at this same situation with a different lens, you can see that red might also mean you are full of love or passion.

Take each color and guide with a grain of salt and do not assume that just because you got one color, that that is the tell-all guide to your life and moods.

Maybe take a step back and think about how else you could interpret that color to make more sense in your personal life endeavors.

And, in the end, remember that this is just temperature changing jewelry. Not a mystic guide to life.

Mood Ring Colors

We will break down mood ring colors as best we can here - but keep in mind that each color can mean multiple things. There are positive and negative emotions associated with each color and multiple moods can accompany each range of color.





Blue is typically associated with a stabilized or calm state of being. Blue is associated with your throat chakra or the fifth chakra and can possibly be associated with voicing your opinions or making your feelings be heard.

The color blue is related to states of relaxation, ease or tranquility. Hues of blue that present themselves on your mood ring can be associated with feelings of calm and relaxation all the way to feeling flirty and upbeat.

They are all usually linked to feelings of comfort and love though, and tend to be one of the most shown colors on mood changing jewelry. Darker blues can mean that you are in a state of intense love, extreme joy, or surging passion.


The color white among the mood ring colors typically means that you can be feeling frustrated, flustered, bored, or confused. However, if we think about the other side of the color white, it can mean levels of spiritual enlightenment or clarity.

The color white or purple can be associated with the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, which resides about your head. Some say that a halo of white light can be seen above those enlightened beings.



Black is usually the default color of mood jewelry when it is not being worn. Typically linked to negativity and feeling overworked, stressed, nervous, or physical ailments - black can trigger feelings of distaste or dislike.

However, we can interpret the color black as a sign that we need a break or to take a step back. If we are indeed feeling overworked or extra nervous, maybe take a walk or try to separate yourself from the cause of your turmoil to get a different perspective on the situation.



Green is mostly associated with growth, new life, success, and making moves. Green is associated with the heart chakra, the fourth chakra, and can invoke intense feelings of energy, wandering, and inner emotions.

Like blue, green mood ring colors are one of the most common colors seen on mood rings and can mean a wide variety of different things. Greens mean you are energetic and active but also relaxed and calm about the situation.



Purple is a rather magical color and can mean a plethora of positive feelings. It can mean that you have mental stability but are feeling affectionate, lovable, and happy. Purple is also associated with feelings of romance, sensuality, and inner balancing.



Reds are typically linked to intense feelings of passion. It can mean passion at both ends of the spectrum, from feeling livid and angry to feeling extremely loved and aroused.

A more orange like red hue can mean that you are worried, stressed, or agitated.




Yellows are usually associated with feelings of creativity and artsy-ness. A regular yellow can mean you are feeling extra imaginative or creative. A bright yellow can be linked to feelings of deep observation and creativity.

If you receive a yellow color, maybe go write, create some art, or finish that creative project you were putting off.


Brown colors can be linked to feelings of mixed emotions, fear or restlessness. Feelings of tension or stress can create a brown mood ring color.

If your mood ring turns the color brown, maybe spend a few minutes outdoors or in meditation.

What Now?

Now that you have figured out a little more about what mood rings are, where they came from, and what mood ring colors mean - it is time to buy a mood ring. There are lots of different types, sizes and qualities of mood rings and they are all special in their own way.

Amazon has a great selection, as well as Etsy, where you can find amazing homemade items from local vendors around the world.

We hope you have fun picking out your new mood ring or mood jewelry and even more fun wearing it and seeing what kind of moods you can spark up!