Hanging Christmas stockings is a great part of the Yuletide tradition. And to make it look more presentable and more personal, monogrammed stockings for Christmas became popular. This is when you go beyond just giving the gift; you are telling the person you are giving the gift to how much you care. This thoughtful way of giving gifts using monogrammed stockings makes Christmas gift-giving during better, more fun and a lot more touching.

artistic monogram knit stocking

Where to get monogrammed stockings online

Monogrammed stockings are not that hard to find. There are a lot of online stores offering them. It is just a matter of knowing what type of stockings you need, searching for a couple of websites that offer great deals or reasonable prices and ordering them in for shipment. No sweat shopping for it this Yuletide season.

There are also a lot of monogrammed stockings to choose from online. There are monogrammed stockings for kids, vintage stockings, monogrammed pet stockings, generic monogrammed Christmas stockings, some monogrammed knit stockings and even needlepoint stockings. Website stores provide images and product descriptions to make it easy for you to decide which design you like best.

Some decorating tips using monogrammed stockings

Monogrammed stockings, if done right, could actually the best feature in your Christmas decoration scheme. Why is this so? Why not the Christmas tree or Santa Claus and the reindeer outside your lawn or the beautiful Christmas lights surrounding your porch?

This is because only a set of personalized monogrammed stockings with the name of your family members on each of the stockings can show who are the people behind the festivities inside your home. This makes the entire family close and so much involved with the fun of Christmas.

And to make your Christmas even more memorable with your monogrammed stockings, here are some wonderful decorating ideas you can follow:

  1. Choose the right color of stockings for each individual in the family. Be sure you know everyone’s favorite color. There is no rule that that monogrammed Christmas stockings must be all in red or yellow or green. The more color, the more festive your hanged stockings are.
  2. Stockings are a fun way to use for decoration during Christmas because they are not only pleasing to the eyes but can be very functional. If you fill it with some candy bars or canes, the stockings will look ready for the festivity and at the same time make its owner excited for Christmas to come. This would be the day where he or she can grab what is inside the stockings.
  3. You can hang the stockings on its usual place, the fireplace mantel, or you can hang it on your piano, entrance door, on the wall, on your stairwayfs or on all of the places mentioned. It is fun to have more than one monogrammed stockings for each family member, like one for the candies and the other, larger ones for the secret present.
  4. Use the monogrammed stockings as ambience enhancer. The stockings can be made blue with snowflakes images to emphasize a white Christmas or make it green or red with Mr. or Mrs. Claus images to accentuate Christmas figures.
  5. For recycled monogrammed stockings, it is nice to add some new flare such as new embroidery floss stitched around it and some stars cut from felt paper.

How to take care of your monogrammed stockings

Your monogrammed stockings are not and should not be disposable. You can still use that the next year and the years after, that is, if you have taken care of it well. Here are some tips on how to take care of them.

childrens inventive christmas stocking

  1. What do you do when smoke odor sticks to your stockings hanged on the fireplace?
    • Wash your stockings using baking soda, ammonia and vinegar. Just dissolve this solution to a tub of water. For plain stockings, submerge it into the mixture and rub it gently to get rid of the smell of the smoke on it.
    • Rinse the stockings with warm (not smoking hot) water. Squeeze gently, do not wring.
    • Dry your stockings by laying it on a flat clean surface.
    • Wrap the stockings with scented linen for storage.
  1. Store your monogrammed stockings in the closet or suitcase to keep moisture, molds and moths away.
  2. Never wash the stockings in a washing machine unless you want new ones for the next Christmas season.