Because of the frequency in the changes of the weather, it is quite important for individuals to take the appropriate measures to guarantee the safety and durability of their property. This brings about the need to develop several weatherproofing methods, especially when guarding your property against being damaged by water, particularly from the rain.

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Popular Weatherproofing Methods

There are various weatherproofing methods that one could use in an effort to weatherproof different surfaces or appliances. Some of these methods include:


This refers to the using of continuous sheets of impervious material, sheet metal for example, to prevent water from going into a structure. There are various flashing methods which are:

  • Roof flashing – this one deflects water, preventing it from going through the unfinished areas of the roof, like the chimneys.
  • Wall flashing – this serves to prevent rain water particularly from penetrating the walls as this makes walls weak.
  • Still flashing – this is the kind of flashing found particularly on window seals
  • Base flashing – found at the base of walls, mostly at the area where the roof interacts with the wall.

Flashing as one of the waterproofing methods is quite important as it keeps walls safe from damages caused by water. At the same time it prevents water leakages into buildings.

Painting Methods

Painting is among the many weatherproofing methods. This is because paint is somehow impermeable to water, making structures in the outdoors safe from being damaged by water. Apart from being used for protection, paint is also decorative and it is for this reason that paint is widely used. The following are examples of how paint is used to protect surfaces:

  • Gutters and downpipes, especially those made of metal are coated with metal primer as well as high gloss enamel, making them resistant to rust.
  • Bricks can be painted using weather resistant paint, making them impermeable to water hence last long.
  • Timber fences also require weather resistant paint or a glossy finish to make them impermeable to water.
  • Boat and ship spars require spar varnish to protect the timber from the harsh sea weather.

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What To Consider When Weatherproofing

An effective weatherproofing of various surfaces will save spending costs for repairs or replacements. When choosing weatherproofing methods to go for, it is important to consider the following details:

  • The condition of the surface being proofed
  • The element from which a particular surface is being protected
  • The level of use of the surfaces being proofed

The weatherproofing methods are very important as it ensures the durability of surfaces. Therefore, learn the different weatherproofing methods in order to know which method is appropriate in your case.