A brushed nickel mirror gives out a nice finish to the room making it look modern yet cozy. It is a good choice for people who want to achieve a modern look in their space without making it look cold. It is a bit ironic for something metallic such as a brushed nickel mirror to give warm touch to the space but for some reason it does.

The brushed nickel mirror has a nickel finish but it has been abraded or brushed to remove some of its luster. A fine grit sand paper is used to brush it. The result is a nice metallic frame with just the right amount of graininess in it to make. The brushing is what removes the coldness in the mirror.

uttermost kagami wall mirror in brushed nickel

Advantages Of Using Brushed Nickel Mirror

A brushed nickel mirror is nice to put in the foyer, den, bathroom and even the bedroom. It can balance the look of the room. There are several advantages of using a brushed nickel mirror and these are:

  • Easy To Clean And Maintain. Brushed nickel mirrors are very easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with damp cloth and then dry it and it will look brand new again. You don’t need to clean it every day, just a few times a week. You don’t need to rub it with wax because it does not need to shine.
  • Easy To Use. It is easy to mix and match with whatever theme you have going on in your house. Even when you do not go with a modern theme you can still use it and it will not be like an eyesore.
  • Longevity. This mirror will last for a longer time than wood framed mirrors. It will also look new for a longer time. If you just maintain it well then the mirror will look the same as the day that you have bought it from the store.
  • Corrosion Resistant. The beads that are in the brushing limit the ability of any fluid to bead on its surface resulting in less corrosion.

modern framed brushed nickel mirror

Common Brushed Nickel Mirror Designs

The brushed nickel mirror has common designs like other mirrors. There are mirrors that are made in regular shapes like circles, ovals, rectangles and even triangles. Aside from these there are also mirrors that are designed to look like art deco, ultra modern and with flares and curves.

entwined circles black mirror

Brands Of Brushed Nickel Mirror

There are brushed nickel bathroom mirror, brushed nickel wall mirror, brushed nickel vanity mirrors and brushed nickel framed mirror.

  • The Herbeau Brushed Nickel Royal 3131 is a sample of a good nickel bathroom mirror. This mirror gives the bathroom a whole new look.
  • The Minka Mirror with beveled glass is great as a brushed nickel wall mirror. It gives a unique accent to the wall.
  • The Home Styles Brushed Vanity Mirror is great combination for any bureau. It is the mirror that can bind the dressing room.
  • Quozel’s Brushed Nickel Downtown Mirror is a great brushed nickel framed mirror. It is something very unique.

bathroom brushed nickel mirror

These are just some of the popular brands of brushed nickel mirror available in the market. Visit other online stores to get other types.