When it comes to choosing the best business card design ideas, there are a bunch of options out there. Most people who get a business card want it to stand out among the crowd but at the same time, it still needs to represent the business that you are in.

Below you will see some of the most popular business card design ideas based on different businesses. If once you read this you still aren’t sure about what business card design ideas you really like, then you should look around and figure out how to design a business card properly.

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Business Card Designs Based On Profession

Real Estate – The most popular business card design ideas in real estate are houses, for sale signs, happy families in front of houses and all of this is in a formal-looking theme which usually uses dark colors. The reason for the dark colors is because a real estate professional doesn’t want the bright colors to take away from the message of the actual card.

Landscaping – Landscapers have a much different view of design ideas than a real estate agent does and that is because they cater to a different crowd. The most popular business card design ideas for landscapers are lawnmowers, manicured lawns, bright flowers and anything that portrays a manicured landscape. As a landscaper, it is vital that you add bright colors to the pictures on the card, however, you need to keep the text dark enough to stand out but light enough to blend into the overall card.

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Accounting – Accountants deal with money and finances, so naturally, putting money related designs on a card is the most popular business card design idea that there is. As an accountant, it is important that people know what you do without actually reading the card, this is why adding a money sign or a dollar bill to the card will help out. One thing that is good to know is that most people look at the right hand corner of cards first, so, make sure you describe what you do in the upper right hand corner.

Childcare – Yes, childcare professionals do have cards. The most popular business card design ideas for a childcare professional are a happy baby or children playing. There are some childcare professionals that would argue that the best design idea is a yard toy, however, some people could construe this as a card for a toy maker or retailer.

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Other Business Card Design Ideas and Tips

If you want the best business card design, then take your time and think about what message you are trying to give off and the best way to go about it. Oftentimes, businesses overdo their cards, which they quickly regret because nobody knows what you do based on a quick glance at your card. Just do yourself a favor when you design your own business card and keep things simple and to the point.

Consider is having another professional look at your business card design idea and tell you if they like it. Most of the time there will be things that you won’t see that others can quickly point out. Just have a rough draft of your business card printed out and show that to different people, this will help you come up with the best business card design ideas.

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Lastly, don’t limit your business card design ideas on what is visual. You can also add a unique feel to the cards simply be incorporating folds or other materials aside from paper or cardboard. The card doesn’t necessarily need to follow the standard size that naturally fits in most wallets and cardholders. Today’s society largely accepts unique business cards made of clear acrylic, rubber, metal sheets, leather, burlap and so on.

Be it embossed, torn, burned in the edges, look like movie tickets, dog tags and other ideas in between, having a totally unique business card automatically makes it a very remarkable and noticeable. What you just need to ensure is how the information is placed wherein it wouldn’t defeat the purpose of being known to the profession in mind.