The mission style desk furniture was highly popular in the 20th century in the U.S. This furniture can be distinguished for its simplicity. It is usually handcrafted. The name was first used for all the furniture that was designed for and used in missions and churches in California. Slowly, because of the many great features of this furniture, the mission style desk made its way into offices and homes. The main reason behind such popularity even today is the fact that the materials used to make this furniture are nothing less than the best. Oak was the main material but today you can find other materials being used too. Another identification mark of these desks is that they have minimalistic ornamentation. The mission style desk is simplicity at its best.

simple mission style desk furniture

Types of Mission Style Desk

When you look at the mission style desk, you will definitely be attracted towards it but the attraction will be for the craftsmanship and not for the adornment. This is the specialty of these desks. Here are some of the types of desks available to you today:

  • Amish: These desks may be made out of oak, cedar or pine. They have absolutely no ornate details and the headboards are pretty large. Such a desk is indeed an antique mission style desk that reminds you of the craftsmanship in the older days.

awesome antique mission style desk

  • Contemporary or Modern: These may have white, black, beige or brown varnishes. These are recognizable by the fact that they are simple and yet very sophisticated in design. These wood desks are made from various types of wood and thus, you have many options to explore and choose from.

modernized wood desks

  • Rustic: Such desks are made from raw wood or naked wood. They usually are coated with a thin layer of varnish and leather or other such materials are used in designing them.
  • Traditional: They are coated with clear varnish and the beauty of the dark wood used can be seen clearly. These desks are not complicated or ornate at all.
  • Cottage style desks: Such desks are made from vintage fabrics such as leather and quilt. The colors are light and the desks are highly functional and comfortable.
  • Eclectic: The mission style desk in this category is stylish. The reason behind this is that many different styles are incorporated in it to form very chic designs. You can find many different styles, colors and textures to pick from such as the mission style desk with hutch. These desks are definitely the most versatile.

magnificent mission style desk with hutch

Depending on what you prefer, you can make a choice and find the best for your home or office needs. The mission style desk is indeed very functional as well as great to look at.