Migraine cures have been around for ages. Hundreds of years ago, people utilized tripanning to cure migraines, which is done by opening your skull to allow the pain to come out. The Egyptians make use of herbs and natural migraine cures to stop headache while during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a common treatment for migraine involves using a cloth scented with lavender that is placed on top of the eyes. At present, a guaranteed cure for the malady has not yet been found and various medications and treatments that are supposed to cure migraine for good are being offered all over the internet. Unfortunately, many of these supposed “cures” are nothing but scams.

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If you were afflicted by migraine, you would know about the excruciating headache and other debilitating symptoms such as vomiting and nausea, which prompted some to call it “sick headaches”. The unbearable headache can sometimes go on for three days, which can only be relieved slightly by over the counter medicines. Hence, people afflicted by the disorder are constantly on the lookout for migraine cures.

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As a sufferer, you would know that an attack is usually preceded by warning symptoms such as blurred vision or black spots before your eyes. The headache is usually felt on one side only and typically centered on one eye. Many sufferers would just go to bed and try to sleep the pain off. When the headache finally goes away in a day or two, the sufferer would often feel shaken and weak but once the feeling goes back to normal, the person would be fine – that is, until the next attack occurs.

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Various migraine cures can be tried to reduce or take away the headache associated with the condition, but knowing what is triggering your attacks is also important. At present, there is still no concrete evidence as to its exact cause but migraine is thought to be triggered by a chemical in our body called serotonin. Low levels of this chemical causes blood vessel changes in the brain. However, what causes a change in the serotonin level is still unknown.

The common triggers for migraine include change in the sleeping pattern, stress, tension in the neck and shoulders or poor posture, certain drinks and foods such as, caffeine or chocolate, flickering or very bright light, loud noises, strenuous exercise, not taking enough fluid, skipping meals and certain odors.

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Migraine cures are prescribed for both men and women although there are migraine cures for women that are advertised because they are three times more like to have migraines than men do. In addition, women are vulnerable to migraines during pregnancy, when they are having their periods or at menopause. You may find migraine cures for men as well but if over the counter painkillers are no longer working, matter if it is for men or women, you will have to try other medications such as triptans or 5HT agonists. Triptans impede the effect of serotonin, which is considered as a cause for migraines. These migraine cures are available in tablets, injections, nasal sprays or soluble wafers.