For many years now, neurologists would actually relate the occurrence of migraine to the vasodilatation of the nerve cells that surround the brain, which then causes the inflammation and pain of the head. These vasodilatation or enlargement of the nerve cells then triggers the release of chemicals which then causes changes the circulation of the blood in the brain. However, recent studies have shown a different set of migraine causes. Researchers now propagate the theory that the chemical changes do not really occur and affect the blood vessels, but that the brain is the one being affected by these chemical changes. Other than that, studies have also shown that migraine can be a hereditary condition and can happen to almost anybody especially when there are triggers that increase the possibility of a person to have a migraine attack.

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Migraine triggers are those environmental or physiological elements which causes excessive pressure in the brain. The person might be very sensitive to these elements, which then makes him/her prone to having migraine attacks. Some of the most common migraine causes would include, stress, sleeping difficulties, lack of food, bright or flashing lights, strong odors, smoke from cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, extreme temperatures, excessive exposure to sunlight, food chemicals, among all else. It has also been shown that women are more prone to having migraine, and researchers now say that this is because of hormonal changes that happen in their bodies, usually around the time they have their menstruation. The so-called menstrual migraine usually occurs two days prior their period or for some, a day after it. Theories have shown the correlation between changes in the estrogen level and migraine headaches. Migraine causes vary for each individual depending on the triggers that preempt these attacks. Migraine headache causes extreme fatigue and pain to anyone experiencing it, thus it is important to take note of the triggers in order to avoid them, thus reducing further migraine attacks.

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Other types of migraine like ocular migraine, also has different symptoms and triggers. Usually, ocular migraine causes a person to have visual sensations that are strange. Usually a headache does not occur during an ocular migraine attack, but it can leave the sufferer feeling very fatigued and stressed out. It can be triggered by visual difficulties, lack of sleep, excessive stress and tension, and more. Migraine causes really differ depending on the person’s systemic reaction to certain elements. Because of its varied nature, there are also a wide array of migraine causes and treatment recommended for it. To know more about these treatments, online journals and medical websites can be very good references.