A microscope laboratory or microscope lab teaches about the microscope in a school setting. The microscope is an instrument that is used in many fields. It helps to study small minute objects by enlarging them. The most common microscopes used are compound microscopes. They have two lenses to help enlarge the object that you view through them. The objective of a microscope lab is to teach about the microscope and how to use it.

Composition of a Microscope Lab Activity

  • Different Parts of the Microscope

  • How to Use the Microscope in Different Power Settings

  • How to Prepare Slides for Viewing Under the Microscope

  • Compare the 2 Types of Microscope

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Not only do you learn how to use this instrument and its various parts and their functions but you also learn how to handle the instrument during this laboratory activity. Though you get to learn about the microscope in a microscope lab, there may be times when you do not get enough time with the instrument to be able to understand everything that is being taught. With the internet also being a tool of learning, there are sites on the web which are dedicated to online microscope lab. Here you will find information that you may have been unable to pick up when learning about the microscope in school.

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There is also a virtual microscope lab on the internet where you can get to see images of different specimens as you would see them under the microscope. These labs are very informative and give information and visuals that you may not be able to see because of constraints of cost and time. Though these labs are not a substitute for the real hands on experience, they do let you get familiarized with the microscope and prepare you for the actual use.

The Compound Microscope

  • Compound microscopes are used in many fields where there is a need for high magnification of very small subjects. Though more often you will find the microscope being used in various laboratories like biology, botany, geology, genetics and many more.

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  • This microscope is also used in forensics and by scientists in studying minute details of samples. It plays an important role in helping law enforcement technicians study evidence and help them catch the criminals.

  • In today’s world, microscopes play an important part not only as educational tools in schools and colleges but as instruments that have helped develop the scientific field through many discoveries found in the tiny samples that they help magnify.

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Microscope lab is a useful learning tool where the students get to actually handle the microscope and learn how to use it. Without the microscope lab, it would be difficult to use a microscope in higher learning and you would have to first learn the microscope before using it for examining specimens. A microscope lab not only teaches students how the microscope works and how it has to be used, but you are also taught how to handle the instrument so that you do not damage it or break it while using it. So be sure that you pay attention during your laboratory activitie because you might need the use of a micsoscope someday.