Different music memorabilia have been popular and it seems that the artists’ popularity will not fade any soon. Undoubtedly, there are keen collectors of merchandise that represent different artists, particularly those who are famous in the music industry. Included in these memorabilia that are usually purchased and collected by avid fans are posters. For those who consider themselves a real fan of real good music, a Michael Jackson poster is definitely a must have.

thriller poster of michael jackson

Who doesn’t know Michael Jackson? Of course, the guy would not be coined as the King of Pop for nothing. Not only did he touch the hearts and catered to the music lovers of America, but he did so with the whole world. Born Michael Joseph Jackson on August 29, 1958 in Indiana, MJ’s career started when he was just five years old. His popularity did not waver even beyond his death on June 25, 2009. In fact, his even became the best selling album artist of 2009 with a total of 35 million albums sold worldwide within a year after his death. It is not surprising that a lot are still looking to get hold of a Michael Jackson poster as having one is like possessing something of high value that can even be compared to a pot of gold.

michael jackson moonwalk movie poster

A lot of fans of this big 80’s music icon can be found searching for a Michael Jackson poster and other memorabilia that shall restate their admiration and adoration. Basically, there are three venues where one can find posters of Michael Jackson.

First, of course, are music bars. Audio and video stores normally sell items other than CDs and DVDs. Since Michael Jackson is a very famous artist, it can be expected that every record bar has a Michael Jackson poster on stock. Choosing from the stores’ collection of posters personally gives the collector the chance and satisfaction of choosing the best one in terms of quality of the photo as well as of the other elements of the poster.

King of Pop poster

The second in the list of venues where one may get Michael Jackson posters are from fellow collectors who are either selling some of their collections for a particular amount or swapping their items with others that may be of the same or higher value. For instance, you may purchase a Michael Jackson Thriller poster or you may trade something in your collection for a Michael Jackson moonwalk poster. The Internet is a vast source of information for anyone who wishes to look for fellow collectors who wish to sell or trade some of their items.

Michael Jackson concert poster

Speaking of Internet, it is the last but not the least source if someone is looking for a Michael Jackson poster. There are a lot of online stores and auction websites that may offer posters such as Michael Jackson posters from the 80’s. However, one must make sure that he or she purchases from a trusted seller and make a careful deal about shipping and handling.