If you are a bike lover and have a fetish to zoom streets on your two-wheeler, then you have probably heard about the Metzeler tires. People from different parts of the world make use of these tires for their motorcycles and they are quite satisfied with the performance. Before further details of about Metzeler motorcycle tires are divulged, here is a brief overview about the company.

very popular metzeler tourance exp tire combo

Brief Company Background

The company originated in the year 1863 as the seller of rubber and elastic products in Munich. Robert Friedrich Metzler started this business and made the products like sports items, weather resistant clothes, toys and many others available to the general public in the city. Gradually, the company established its first factory of rubber merchandize products and another factory for the other products. After that they entered into the sphere of standard motorcycle tires in terms of technology and engineering and that is how Metzeler motorcycle tires gradually started to spread wings. Now Metzeler tires are available for all kinds of motorcycles, and not just for the racing bikes. Here are some:

  • Racing bikes
  • Classic bikes
  • Scooters
  • Super Sport bikes
  • Custom bikes

ride on all weather conditions with metzeler tourance tire

2 Popular Products and Features of Metzeler Tires

There are different varieties of Metzeler motorcycle tires, which is evident from the varied categories for which the company manufactures tires. However, some of the popular varieties include:

1) Me880 Series – The Metzeler me880 tires are also known as marathon motorcycle tires. These tires are perfect for touring and cruiser bikes. Some prominent features of these tires include:

  • Can carry higher loads.
  • Stability, better breaking, quiet ride, and better mileage because of offset groove management.
  • The Metzeler me880 tires perform well under wet weather conditions.
  • More tread depth assuring better mileage.
  • Rear tread profile is flatter ensuring better traction.
  • Rounded front tread profile for neutral and smooth steering.

metzeler ME880 marathon front tire

2). Tourance Tires – The Metzeler tourance tires are tuned and created to be suitable for large and contemporary Enduro motorcycles.

  • These tires are apt for long drives because of better carcass structures for smooth rolling features at high speed along with increased straight-line firmness.
  • These tires are perfect to be used on the surfaces like light off-road. This is possible because of the right combination between traction and mileage capability.
  • The Metzeler tourance tires are suitable to ride in varied weather conditions because of precise handling and excellent grip.

How to Take Care of Metzeler Tires

Here are several factors should be considered in the proper maintenance of Metzeler motorcycle tires.

  • Speed Rating and Load Capacity – The size description of the tires includes load capacity and speed rating. You need to observe the maximum limit of weight and put load on that basis.
  • Checking Tread Depth – When the remaining depth of the tread is lower than 1.6mm, then the tire should be replaced.
  • Clearance – You have to make sure that the tire is not touching the swingram, fork or mudguard in different riding conditions. With speed, overall diameter of the tire increases because of the centrifugal forces and you have to keep a track on that.

better mileage metzeler ME 7 teen rear tire

These are suggestions on how you take good care of your Metzeler tires to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Follow these helpful maintenance and be satisfied with your Metzeler tires.