In some places in the world, stretched earlobes has a spiritual and religious reason. For others, status symbol is defined by enlarged piercings for the purpose of wearing different kinds of jewelry, and for some, they simply do it for fashion. More and more people regardless of their gender are into piercing nowadays. Having a hole on your earlobes or other parts of your body is pretty much painless, but how about enlarging it? There are methods used to enlarge piercings.

Nowadays, stretching has become a hip and popular methods used to enlarge piercing. During this procedure, gauging takes place. It is a form of modification wherein the hole is being stretched gradually. There are cheap gauges available in the market for you to choose from so can you can start broadening your pierce.

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Important Tips When Enlarging Ear Piercings

Here are some tips and methods used to enlarge piercings using cheap gauge.

  • You should start with standard sized jewelries. Using large objects may cause damage. Don’t forget to use sanitized and hypoallergenic jewelries to start with.
  • Choose a jewelry that is comfortable and is easy to clean. Gauges are made from a variety of materials like wood, bones, rubber, plastic, stone, metal and glass. For gauges made from permeable type of material like wood and bone, it is advisable to remove it from time to time to avoid infection.
  • Ear gauging should be done by using a taper. The taper can be pushed inside while the ear adjusts to the gauge to stretch the hole so that it will be easier to insert a new one without removing the older piece.
  • You can be more creative and stylish with your gauges while the hole is getting larger. Cheap gauges, homemade gauges and trendy ones with different shapes and style are readily available in the market nowadays.
  • Don’t forget to remove your jewelry and wash the part where you had your piercing everyday with antibacterial soap after a week that it has been inserted.
  • Do not rush in widening the hole of your piercing, be patient. Wait for about 4-6 weeks in between each stretch so that you could avoid enduring damage.
  • Never forget to follow the instructions prearranged by the piercer in regards to care.
  • Tapering – this is one of the methods to enlarge ear piercings that is being used by professionals. A lubricated taper is used and you can be assured of its efficiency because it is done by a pro.
  • Dead stretching – this technique is done without the use of any equipment. In simple words, a larger jewelry is forced through where injuries might happen.
  • Teflon tape stretching – this technique is very simple and very safe. The jewelry is wrapped with a Teflon tape then it is reinserted. The ear will slowly adjust to the added thin layer and the process is slowly repeated.
  • Weightsheavy jewelries or objects are used to make wider holes.
  • Silicone Plugs – a soft plug is inserted through the fistula. A bigger jewelry is folded and inserted specifically through the ear, thus expanding and stretching your earlobes.
  • Dermal Punch – a circular razor with the diameter of your choice is pushed against the skin. A blade is then pressed down and turned to punch out part of the skin.
  • Scalpel and taper – after piercing, a large object is place in directly allowing the skin to widen instantly.
  • Scalpelling – this method used to enlarge piercing requires expanding the size of the piercing by using a scalpel to hack the edge of the fistula, enlarging the diameter.

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Methods Used to Enlarge Piercings

These methods to enlarge ear piercing has been used for years and although there are safer techniques some people would still take risk for the purpose of faster results knowing the possible negative outcome of the chosen method. Make sure that you are decided to take this change because once it has been done, it will be permanent unless you are willing to pay extra to have it repaired.