Metal working is a process of working with metal and metal working tools to form individual tools or large scale structures. Large scale structures in this case include ships and bridges whereas small items include jewelry.  Metal working uses a wide range of skills, tools and processes.  Metal work has been used by man for centuries to make work easier.

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Categories of Tools

Metal working tools are categorized into;

  • Grinders
  • machine tools
  • metal cutting tools
  • metal hand tools
  • metal measuring instruments

Common Used Tools

Metal working tools are;

  • arbor press, drill
  • drill bushing
  • fixture
  • grinding dresser
  • grinding wheel
  • machinist calculator
  • press brake
  • hydraulic press
  • propane torch
  • quench press
  • rivet gun
  • riveting machines roll bender

Uses Of Metal Working Tools in History

These metal working tools are useful and their importance is as stated.

  • Metal working was used in the ancient times to make weapons such as daggers, maces, swords shields, arrow heads, and axes.
  • Metal work was used in daily activities to make components used to make work easier like pulling carts and ceremonial bridles. It was also used to make dishes, plates, bowls, and cups for special ceremonies.
  • Metal working was adopted in the Americas where it was used to make jewelry such as hair clips, necklaces, safety pins, mirrors, buttons, rings and works of art such as statues of animals from metals.
  • During the ancient periods, metals were valuable and were used to make religious adornments and ornaments for worshipping their gods and for trade.
  • Metal working is used in industrial applications to build ships, containers and air transport.
  • The art of metal working saw the invention of the coin, which was later used as a means of trade.

Understanding Sheet Metal

Sheet metal working tools involves using a metal shear to cut metal into sheets or cutting sheets of metals to desired forms. They fabricate products that are made from very thin sheets of metals such as ducts that are used in air conditioning.  Sheet metal workers also install gutters, roofs, siding and outdoor signs. They maintain thin metal sheets products. Some of the duties performed in sheet metal working include:

  • Selecting types of sheets to be used
  • Making holes in these metals for rivets, screws and bolts
  • Fastening joints by welding and soldiering.

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Some of the metal working tools used in sheet metal working include the stretcher, panel holding system, economy throat less sheer, electric metal sheers, English wheel and many others.

Metal working hand tools are hand tools that are used in the field of metal work. They are operated by the metal worker where no machinery is involved. Some types of metal hand working tools include a slapper, dollies, forming bags, hammers, marking and lay pout tolls, snips and shears, files and rasps, spoons and mallet.

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Metal work is demanding but with great metal working tools, you are sure to save time and use less energy in making metal items.