Metabolism is a chemical process that takes place in all living organism to sustain growth. This process is carried out by a breakdown known as catabolism and a build-up known as anabolism of substances. However, metabolism is often thought of as the breakdown of foods to provide our body with the energy that it needs to function on a daily basis. Your metabolic rate is controlled by various different factors such as gender, age, genetics, and the percentage of lean body mass. However, you can eat certain metabolism boosters to help you get the right metabolism and figure.

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While hypothyroidism is a very rare condition and very few people suffer from it, it is a condition in which the person who suffers from this condition will have lower metabolism. This condition can be treated with medications that will regulate the thyroid. Metabolism boosters would also be needed to enhance metabolism rate.

You can boost your metabolism with various different metabolism boosters and by simply changing your diet and overall lifestyle, you can increase your energy level and get that healthy, toned body that you have always wanted. Some of the best metabolism boosters are listed below and having a diet that includes the following metabolism boosters is a diet that will prove to be very beneficial.

• The first on the list are lean proteins
Including some lean cuts of various different poultry, red meats, and fish has been known to provide individuals with numerous benefits and will act as metabolism boosters. Based on the fact that our bodies work really hard, it uses quite a bit of energy and protein is a good energy source. Fish is also a good source to get omega-3 fatty acids that is known to regulate the leptin levels found in your body.

• Another good source is fibre
You can find fibre in oatmeal, dark green leafy vegetables, and fruits and these foods are known to be used as metabolism boosters as they will help your metabolism in ways that are similar to proteins. When you include fibre into your diet, you will remain fuller for longer periods of times and if you are diabetic, you will be happy to know that it keeps your insulin levels down.

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• Green tea is also one of the major metabolism boosters
Green tea is very rich in antioxidants and they are known to have numerous health benefits.

• Capsaicin and Water are also wonderful metabolism boosters
Capsaicin is used in hot peppers and has been proven to give your metabolism a temporary boosts. Eating the foods mentioned are natural metabolism boosters and based on the fact that women tend to gain weight faster than men, metabolism boosters for women are more in demand. The foods listed above are some of the best metabolism boosters and should be highly considered when you need to boost your metabolism.