For many, mens winter coats are essential gear for surviving the cold winds and the harsh winter weather. Whether you are looking for something to keep the chill off during short trips around town or a rugged heavy-duty coat to keep your comfortable and safe while working outside in the elements, there are winter coats made to fit any function or situation.

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Styles and features on winter coats vary widely, from waist-length button down wool coats to calf-length leather dusters. When deciding on a coat, it is important to consider the places and activities you plan to engage in while wearing the coat. While mens winter coats are easy to come by, finding the best mens winter coats for you is often a matter of personal preference. Knowing the available features of winter coats and how to properly fit them can greatly increase your overall satisfaction and make your hunt for the perfect coat easier.

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For the business professional, there are many features available in a winter coat that can allow you keep a stylish appearance while reducing the effects of even the coldest winter weather. Additions such as thermal linings, removable fur hoods and overlapping collars and fasteners can add a surprising amount of warmth to any jacket without requiring you to look like you are ready to climb Mount Everest or hunt polar bears. With their fashion-forward styling and appearance, these can be a more attractive option for finding young mens winter coats as well.

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For the outdoor enthusiast, it is easy to find mens winter coats suited for more rigorous uses both online and at your local sporting goods store. These locations can also be a great source of big mens winter coats. Features of these coats often include stronger stitching and materials, heavier thermal layering and utility pockets to house any of your outdoor survival gadgets and gear. Many of these coats can withstand extended exposure to sub-zero temperatures with ease. However, these coats often have an obvious outdoor appearance and can be slightly bulkier than their style-conscious business counterparts.

As with most seasonal attire, shopping for mens winter coats during the spring or summer can provide significant savings. While you will not have access to the coming season’s latest trends and styles, this can be easily offset by the reduced cost depending on your needs. This is true of both online and traditional storefront locations.

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When purchasing a coat it is important to ensure a proper fit. Key areas to pay attention to are the shoulders and chest. While the coat may appear to be roomy at first glance, you may find that crossing your arms or bending at the waist causes uncomfortable strain and tension within the coat. Many tailors and dedicated coat retailers will offer free sizing at many of their locations, allowing you to know your exact measurements. If you do not find mens winter coats that you like in the store, you then can shop online with confidence that your purchased item will have a comfortable and appealing fit.