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Mens Water Shoes - Built For Extreme Water Sports | Content Injection

Mens water shoes are outdoor shoes suitable for wet conditions; whether it be for hiking, fishing or undertaking other water sports. With specialized exercise clothing, like these shoes, it is best to buy quality over versions of cheap shoes. Consider it an investment in your comfort and safety. Well-made mens water shoes will also last so much longer than cheaper versions, and may even come with a guarantee.

Vibram Mens Water Shoes Size 15

The large range of mens water shoes is somewhat mind-boggling. The different water shoe styles reflect varying suitability for a variety of water sports and related activities. When you are doing your research before buying this type of shoe, consider what outdoor activities you are most likely to need them for. Do you kayak? White-water raft? Or are the water shoes for wearing when you are at the beach, on holidays? Outdoor, water-based activities that definitely benefit from wearing mens water shoes which include the following popular activities below.

Cool Quality Columbia Mens Water Shoes

Activities Ideal For Mens Water Shoes

  • Fishing on rocks, or at the beach
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking / bushwalking
  • Rafting
  • Boating
  • Beachcombing

Regardless of the extremely large range available for purchase, the best mens water shoes will always give you the performance and function you are looking for which should be more than just being waterproof. The following qualities below should be experienced in any footwear claiming to be a pair of mens water shoes.

Choosing The Best Mens Water Shoes

Features Mens Water Shoes Must Have

  • Keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Provide exceptional grip (for instance: when walking over wet rocks or other slippery surfaces) to prevent slipping
  • Have a sole designed to keep you steady on your feet, no matter what the surface
  • Be made from durable, quality materials
  • Support and cushion the feet
  • Keep feet safe from cuts and scrapes, on rocks, mussels and other sharp items
  • Be adequately flexible and versatile in different water environments
  • Dry off quickly after exposure to water, including ports to let water run out speedily and efficiently
  • Have a breathable design
  • Be quick and easy to pull on, and easy to take off afterwards. This is a fine line; the design must allow for a very comfortable and snug fit, whilst allowing enough room to permit the foot to escape effortlessly, as needed


Trendy Merrel Mens Water Shoes Size 14

The starting price of a high-quality pair of mens water shoes seems to be around the $70 mark compare to most running shoes which is cheaper. Realistically, though, you may pay something more like $150 on average – unless you hunt down some good discounts and sales. You may ask yourself if they are worth the initial outlay; but if you regularly partake in wet outdoor activities, the answer is surely a resounding “Yes”.

Buying a pair of mens water shoes will not only increase your ease of mobility and provide wonderful protection for your feet, they will give you the confidence to focus on the activity at hand, and enjoy the great outdoors more fully. The price of mens water shoesis a small price to pay when you consider the bigger picture; such as the cost of potential health care after slipping, or cutting your feet on sharp rocks when not wearing them.

Size-wise, mens water shoes made by most brands, including Teva, Bodyglove and Vibram, tend to start at size 4. If you have a larger foot, it is possible to purchase mens water shoes size 14 and larger online. Some brands even go up tomens water shoes size 15(in some cases, up to size 17) including Keen and Adidas.