Perfumes have been there since time immemorial and they are mainly used to enhance a person’s scent. Mens perfume as well as women’s was believed to have been first made in ancient Egypt. However with advancement of time, the art of perfumery was modified by the Arabs. Due to migration and development of trade routes, the art of making perfume spread and various regions started making mens perfume and its popularity grew. Nowadays, there are various brands of perfumes available for men like the Pleasures perfume.

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Variety of Perfumes

There are various mens perfumes and knowing the variety is important as it will make your search for the best mens perfume easy. Below are the varieties of perfumes for men.

  • Aquatic perfumes – These perfumes are made of fruity and light floral flavors.
  • Spicy perfumes – They contain spicy ingredients and flavors.
  • Woody perfumes – Woody perfumes contain flavors from sandalwood and cedar.
  • Leather type perfumes – These perfumes contain flavors of wood, tobacco, honey and wood tar. There scent is musty and they are very popular among men.
  • Citrus perfumes – As the name suggest itself, this type of perfume contains citrus flavors and scents. They are sometimes referred to as fruity perfumes for men.

On How to Properly Apply Perfumes

When it comes to applying mens perfume, it is important to know how to do it. Most people wear the perfumes on their clothes then are left wondering why the scent does not last long. When wearing perfume it is advisable to wear them in areas of your body that generate more heat like the neck, wrists and back of the ear. These points produce lots of heat that lets the perfume react with your body thus ensuring the scent remains present for a long time.

When and Where to Wear Perfumes

As a man, it is important to have a selection of perfumes for various occasions and events.

  • When going for a date, it is good to wear fruity perfumes mainly those of the citrus scents. This is because these perfumes have a sensuous smell and is likely to impress your date.
  • During official functions or reporting to work, woody and leather type perfumes are preferable as they have a laid back scent.
  • For night outs with friends, aquatic perfumes are preferable.

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There are many cheap mens perfumes which are still of great quality. These perfumes are mainly found in online stores. When purchasing perfumes for men, some factors to take into consideration include cost, perfume type based on flavor, intended use of the perfume and brand.

According to most mens perfume reviews, some of the best perfumes include Nautica Voyage, Cool Water, Paco Rabane, Eternity and Guilty by Gucci. Every man should have different perfumes for different occasions as this will greatly help in attracting the opposite sex or in impressing one’s boss.