Are you looking for comfort and functionality on your footwear as you go along with your daily routine? Then men should check out their own design of loafers.  Mens loafers are flat shoes that do not have any laces and resemble the look of moccasins. To others, loafers are also called slippers simply because the wearer can easily slip them on and off. These days, loafers are well-loved by millions for their versatility. Whether it is on the workplace, street, or someplace else, this footwear can complete a man’s overall look.

While most mens loafers are flat, there are other models like mens dress loafers and mens Italian loafers that are designed with low heels and go well with dress pants and suits. Most men prefer to wear loafers with socks underneath. However, there are still a few who opt to wear them without socks.

mens micro suede moccasins with buckle shoes loafers

Types of Loafers

In the market, there are a wide variety of mens loafers to choose from. And some of the most well-renowned manufacturers include Skechers, Guess, DKNY, Guess, and Cole Haan loafers. In case you are having a hard time choosing a particular style, you can use this guide as a basis the moment you hit your favorite shoe store.

  • Men’s Plain Loafers – Typically made from 100% leather, this sleek shoe makes a great accessory for casual and dress outfits alike.
  • Men’s Penny Loafers – Preferably worn to match dress clothes or casual outfits, these loafers feature a diamond design on top.
  • Mens Suede Loafers – Classic and timeless, these are the words that best describe suede loafers which, as their name implies, are made from a material called suede.
  • Men’s Moccasin Loafers – Also for casual attire, moccasin loafer are geared with thick laces that go around the top most part of the footwear.
  • Men’s Tuxedo Loafers – If you are looking for a perfect pair of shoe for formal occasions, then tuxedo loafers are your best bet. Sleek, elegant, and sophisticated – these are the qualities that make this shoe a must-have in every man’s closet.

deluxe blue classic penny loafers

When choosing mens loafers, the first important thing to consider is your lifestyle. If you are mostly wearing casual outfits and you do not dress for formal events that much, then casual-looking loafers should be your ultimate choice. Otherwise, you should choose loafers that are more on the formal side such as plain loafers and tuxedo loafers.

With regards to color, selecting a neutral-colored pair is highly recommended as it works well with any clothing color. But on top of it all, make sure that the loafers provide a nice fit so that you can wear them overtime anywhere you want