New card holders are probably wondering about the membership rewards American Express offers. American Express membership rewards points are a huge incentive to sign up for a new credit card today. From dining to traveling to foreign countries, black American Express rewards can help make your dreams come true.

american express membership shopping rewards

Types of Rewards

  • Once you rack up a certain amount of points on your American Express card, the points can be redeemed for rewards. The membership rewards American Express offers cover every base, from shoe shopping to international travel. The rewards program has a ton of perks for American Express customers.
  • Travel rewards include weekend getaways and even around-the-world trips.
  • American Express membership rewards shopping gives you discounts and special offers at several of your favorite stores.
  • Use the American Express membership rewards program for exclusive entertainment and dining rewards. Everything from sports and movies to the top hot spots in major cities can be yours with American Express membership rewards.

membership rewards points american express

How to Get Rewards

The membership rewards American Express offers are the same on every card in some cases. Every American Express credit card can gain unlimited reward points. Also, the points will never expire. You can continue to get points, save them up, and eventually cash in to buy yourself a huge gift.

  • For every dollar you spend on your American Express card, you’ll get one rewards point. To get the most membership rewards American Express can offer, use your card for everything from paying bills to grocery shopping.
  • Earn extra membership rewards American Express by purchasing certain brands. There are some brand names that have a deal with American Express. For example, instead of earning one point per dollar, purchasing some brand could mean earning more than one point per dollar.

American Express offers several different cards, and the rewards differ depending on the kind of card you have. Choose the card you want depending on the type of rewards you’ll benefit from the most. The membership rewards from the Blue Card, Optima Platinum Card and ZYNC Card can be used for brand name shopping, airline discounts, hotel rooms, vacations and limited-time offers. On the other hand, the Green Card, Gold Card, Premier Rewards Gold Card and Platinum Card can be used to book travel online and transfer points for Award Travel. Cardholders can also get Advance Points in order to buy a reward ahead of time.