Are you in the market for a meditation cushion? These are highly sought-after accessories for meditation. Even if you’re looking for a full-on meditation cushion set, they can be found online or at your local holistic retailer.

Popular Styles and Designs

The meditation cushions come in a meditation cushion set of three. You will get a Zabuton, Zafu, and the Support Cushion. These come in different sizes and thicknesses depending on your body type and particular needs.

feel comfy with this yoga meditation ccushion

  • Zen Buddhist – This style will often employ a meditation cushion set such as the Zafu cushion and Zabuton mat.
  • Half-moon Zafu set – These little crescent shaped cushions help with meditation posture and sets firm at about 5″ loft.
  • Colors and thicknesses – You will enjoy the fact that all different body weights and sizes can appreciate these meditation cushions. The thickness can be purchased particular to your compression needs and the colors vary to satisfy just about anyone’s color preference.
  • Yoga meditation cushion – There are all sorts of yoga-centric meditation cushion choices and yoga bolsters for your workouts. Other than the mats, these cushions are quite similar to anything you’d find for general meditation uses in Zen type of endeavors. Foam supports and other pillow-like props are available to help keep you properly supported throughout your yoga session.
  • Inflatable meditation cushion – These are precisely what they sound like – inflatable or air-filled support cushions. These are available in the same different and vibrant colors as standard cushions and are subject to personal preference and meditative support needs.

Features and Advantages

The meditation cushion set has features to help you achieve your yoga and general meditation goals. For your personal safety and health, it’s important to carefully observe your trainer’s movements and poses before doing so on your own. However, having the correct meditation cushion and general purpose foam or Zafu support cushions will help you in numerous ways including the following:

  • Strengthen your lower back – These help prop you in the right way to strengthen your back.
  • Roll your pelvis – Proper cushioning will help roll your pelvis forward while seated for good posture.
  • Support a knee – If there’s a pose requiring knee placement to be suspended or lifted, then cushions are great for this assistance.
  • Raise your profile height – To give you a higher seated posture, improve visibility if in a meditation or yoga class.
  • Pad your potential fall – For the accident prone or beginners, it’s important to have cushion. An untimely fall can be padded with the proper cushions and help reduce injury.

soothing meditation cushion and mat combo

Meditation has been a popular alternative for people who are seeking an overall wellness. It is proper to have the meditation cushion for comfort and support while achieving your goal.