What differentiates matte polishes? Matte nail polish is one of the best types of nail polish available in the market. It gives bright and distinct colors to your finger nails. There are a lot of colors available on which you can choose from. Usually, your type of personality determines the color that you will repeatedly wear from time to time.


Matte nail polish gives a flat finish on your nails. Unlike glossy finish, it does not glitter under the light. The texture is strong and robust. Especially, if you will use matte black nail polish, it gives you a rocker look. Clear matte nail polish strengthens your nails and makes your nail polish last long. You can use this over French tips when matte and glossy nail polish are combined.

Typically, matte nail polish top coat is applied over the dried nail polish to achieve a smoother look. You can even apply this on top of glossy nail polish to flatten any rough surfaces. Another way which you can use this amazing thing is in applying nail art or design. The top coat locks up the graphic design on top of your nail polish. This will also keep the design in places.

outstanding DIY black matte nail polish

Distinct Characteristic Of Matte

If you want to know about nail polish 101, you have to know the different kinds that are available in the market today. Matte is a like a flat paint with no glossy finish. It dries up faster than other types. However, you have to stop using hand lotion first because if weakens the matte coat and can chap your nail polish prematurely.

Other types of nail polish are:

DIY Nail Polish

If you want to save on a nail professional service, here are nine easy steps on applying nail polish:

  • Choose your favorite color. If you are a newbie, trying your favorite color is the best first-time experience. Later on, when you know about the harmony of skin tone and color, you might as well try other colors that compliment you best.
  • Now, paint your nails with the available brush provided. Go over your nails and do not worry if it gets over your cuticles. A thin film of nail polish is just right as a first coating.
  • After having the fist coat, wait for it to dry. This takes three minutes on the usual pace.
  • Then, using the same color, paint your nails with a second coat. Dry.
  • When the polish is completely dry, apply the top coat to smoothen the bumps. You will be amazed of how it magically smoothen your nails.
  • Prepare warm water and soft soap.
  • Massage the soap on your hands. You may use old cloth to sponge off excess polish over your cuticles.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Wipe your hands dry and show off you masterpiece.

simple plain DIY matte nail polish

You deserve to have lovely hands especially if you work so hard for yourself and your family. A dash of color on your finger nails can make you interesting. Matte nail polish offers colorful choices to match your interesting personality.