Matching promise rings are nice gifts for you and someone to whom you wish to show your love.  They can be given to a spouse, children, girlfriend or boyfriend. It is similar to an eternity ring which represents a couple’s promise to each other that will be there for each other forever, through thick and thin, and in good times and bad. There are many styles and designs for you to choose from when you are interested in these matching promise rings.

matching promise couple rings

These rings represent a promise that you have made to someone dear to your heart. Promises vary from person to person and can represent a promise to return after being away, a promise to stay together, or other agreements that are made on a personal level. A pair of rings is not just for couples who are married or engaged.  The rings can be shared by all couples and other pairs can be shared by friends or classmates.

The tradition of sharing rings came from the Celtic culture since they shared various styles amongst their loved ones. They gave and wore crosses and eternal knots to represent unbreakable bonds.

couples matching promise rings

There is a story that goes that traditional lovers who used to meet without the knowledge of anyone else had promise rings. The people would wear diamond rings and send messages to each other through glasses or mirrors. They were created to represent an eternal relationship such as love or friendship. Some people have been given or have given special engraved matching promise rings. The engraved message can be in many languages such as Gaelic, German, Spanish, French and others.

There are matching promise rings that are made from gold that is yellow or white gold. Sterling silver is another material used in manufacturing matching promise rings for him and her.  Some are available with decorations and stones set with prongs. Usually, rings made for women have more decorations on them and rings for men are usually bigger and wider. Some rings have pearls, cubic zirconia, diamonds, citrines or other decorative stones.

for him and her matching promise rings

Designer matching promise rings for couples can also be found online. Prices will vary depending on the style and the number of gems or stones. Some of the popular styles include a trinity knot band available in gold that is yellow, Celtic cross band with gemstones, Newgrange band with spirals, knot and shield band, or trinity knot band.  All of the styles are available in various materials and with almost any type of decoration or gemstone you can think of.

engraved in style matching promise rings

The matching promise rings are usually worn on the left ring finger, same as an engagement ring or wedding ring. This is because they represent fidelity, purity and chastity.  This does not always happen though because different fingers are thought to have different meanings. Moreover, since matching promise rings are not actual engagement rings, though they can be used in this manner. They are not as expensive.

matching promise rings