When looking at a Malaria map you will see some parts of the world are completely unaffected, while other parts of the world are completely overwhelmed with it. A Malaria world map from the CDC shows how unbalanced the spread of Malaria is.

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This Malaria map is great for traveling. The world map of Malaria zones, provided by the CDC, highlights in red the places where Malaria exists all over the country, in yellow where it may exist in parts of the country, and in green the places where Malaria does not exist at all. This Malaria map allows you to search for any country, city, or location that you may be traveling to, and see if Malaria is there.

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As shown by the Malaria map CDC, South America is making great strides to reduce infection rates of the continent. Southern parts of South American are completely unaffected; Argentina and Chile are included in these unaffected parts. Brazil is a shown in red on the Malaria map. However the government of Brazil is focusing hard on efforts to decrease the spread of Malaria, and decrease the population of Mosquitos. Parts of South America, Asia, and almost all of Africa are infected with Malaria; this is shown by the Malaria world map provided by the CDC. No Malaria exists in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Northern parts of Asia such as Russia and Eastern Asian countries like Japan are also unaffected by Malaria outbreaks.

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This particular map of Malaria zones from the CDC also gives detailed information about what kind of precautions the government is taking to prevent and cure Malaria, how prevalent Malaria is in the country, as well as what kind of medicine is available to Malaria sufferers.

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The CDC’s Malaria map is vital if you are traveling to another country. If you are traveling to a country in the red zone, it is imperative to take medical precautions before going to that country since Malaria is a dangerous, and at times, a deadly disease. There are several things you can do to protect yourself if the rate of Malaria is high where you are going. Taking antimalarial prescription drugs during the duration of your trip, sleeping in a well netted or air-conditioned room, wearing insect repellent and wearing pants are all good ways to keep mosquitos and Malaria away. Keep in mind that some countries on the malaria map are red, yellow, and green. The area you are going to may be safe, even though it is close to a red zone!