Malaria hotspots are areas around the world where Malaria said to be is present. By looking at a malaria hotspots map you can safely travel around these malaria hotspots, or take preventative measures. Malaria hotspots are different than malaria zones. Malaria zones, whose map you can see on the CDC’s Malaria map website are categorized into green, meaning it is malaria-free, yellow, which means it is a warning zone, and red, which means that that zone is malaria-consumed.

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If you do have to travel to a Malaria hotspot, be cautious, and look at the Malaria zone map as well. The Malaria hotspot map shows users where there are cases of Malaria, but the Malaria zones shows Malaria areas, and diagnoses a threat of these areas. Using the Malaria hotspot map in junction with the Malaria zone map is a good idea when traveling. Some common malaria hotspots would include: Congo, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Turkey. Almost all of Africa, the north east parts of South America, parts of Mexico, and parts of the Middle East and South Asia have malaria hotspots.

If you plan on going to these countries you should protect yourself by taking necessary precautions. Take anti-malarial prescription medicine during your trip. Do not skip a pill, or take it on an irregular basis, it is important to take it regularly. Antimalarial drugs are 90-100% effective if taken correctly. However, be sure to investigate well the area that you are going to whether it is one of the malaria hotspots or not. Some strains of Malaria in certain areas have developed a resistance to antimalarial drugs. If this is the case on the place where you are going, you will need to speak to your doctor about changing your prescription. It is important, when possible, to go to your local CDC or a travel doctor. They will know precisely what you need for the location that you are traveling to. Make it a point to protect yourself against mosquitos. If possible, stay in an air conditioned room. This will lower the temperature of the room, which will make it a less desirable a location for the mosquitoes to breed in. When travelling to malaria hotspots, be sure to wear pants and bring very good bug repellant spray. Always be diligent with mosquito nets and be sure to stay covered in heavily rain forested areas.

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If you take these precautions, research Malaria hotspots prior to your trip, and take the necessary medication to prevent malaria, you should have a safe and happy, malaria free, vacation.